Hillary Clinton sends letter to 8-year-old girl who lost class election to boy, America now waits for kid to blame Russia & sexism for loss

Also, disenfranchisement!

Hillary Clinton just can’t help but turn everything into an identity politics controversy. Not even a third-grade class election is off limits, as evidenced by a letter the two-time presidential loser sent to a little girl in Maryland:

Hillary Clinton this month told a third-grade girl who lost her bid to become class president that it’s not easy to run for an office that’s “only been sought by boys.”

“While I know you may have been disappointed that you did not win President, I am so proud of you for deciding to run in the first place,” Clinton wrote in a letter to a third grade girl at a Maryland private school. “As I know too well, it’s not easy when you stand up and put yourself in contention for a role that’s only been sought by boys.”

Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill, confirmed to the Washington Post that the letter is authentic.
Morales lost by one vote to a boy. As runner-up, she will serve as vice president of the class, a position she said she is happy to have.

How does Hillary know it’s “a role that’s only been sought by boys” in that school? Media reports I’ve seen don’t seem remotely curious about that claim, perhaps because the answer would rip a cute little narrative to shreds.

I’ll admit to being a little surprised that Hillary didn’t tell the girl to protest the election due to disenfranchisement:

The election was a tight race and Martha ran against a popular classmate. In the first vote, several ballots were declared invalid since they had not been filled out correctly, reported the Washington Post. When a second vote was held, Martha eventually lost.

Paging Eric Holder!

But on the plus side, Clinton’s got a lot of free time to comb over the elementary school class election news and send letters to girls who lost to boys, because she’s NOT president. Hey, whatever she finds therapeutic.

Vox unable to put spin Bernie & Alexandria’s socialist proposals because the price tag’s too heavy

Even progressives can’t find enough confectioners glaze to sugarcoat this monster

This analysis of various “nonpartisan and left-leaning studies” from Vox is amazing in that even they can’t find enough confectioners glaze to sugar-coat this monster. First of all, they’re concluding a ten-year cost of Bernie & Alexandria’s proposed Bankrupt-a-Palooza would be $42.5 trillion, but over 30 years the “savings” really add up:

The 30-year projected tab for these programs is even more staggering: new proposals costing $218 trillion, on top of an $84 trillion baseline deficit driven by Social Security, Medicare, and the resulting interest costs.

What would be the effects of such an unprecedented spending binge? Federal spending, which typically ranges between 18 and 22 percent of GDP, would immediately soar past 40 percent of GDP on its way to nearly 50 percent within three decades. Including state and local government spending would push the total cost of government to 60 percent of GDP by that point — exceeding the current spending level of every country in Europe.

And I’m guessing that’s still a conservative estimate, which is the only thing “conservative” Vox is ever going to do.

That feeling when even Vox can’t spin Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez’s dreamy socialist proposals:

I will say this for Sanders & Ocasio-Cortez’s pricey proposals: They’d be a little cheaper than the projected cost to build a real life Death Star, and probably accomplish the same thing.

Reality about differences between men & women just TOO MUCH for these campus SJWs to handle

A couple of weeks ago, there was a forum at Portland State University that was destined to melt some snowflakes:

On February 17, 2018, James Damore spoke at Portland State on a panel titled, “We Need to Talk About Diversity.” He was joined by former Evergreen State biologist Heather E. Heying, PSU philosophy professor Peter Boghossian, and writer Helen Pluckrose. Bret Weinstein also made a cameo appearance. The event was organized by the Freethinkers of PSU, a skeptic student group.

The biologist pointed out the differences between men and women, and that sent some SJWs scurrying for safe space, with one even trying to disable the sound equipment on her way out like the military guy in Forrest Gump when that hippie Abbey Hoffman was speaking at the DC reflecting pool:


Seriously though, how could anybody ever have a serious conversation with people who won’t even recognize basic biological realities? And these are the people who call conservatives “science deniers”?

Here’s how the Clintons are ‘helping’ make college more affordable

Hillary Clinton wants to make college more affordable:

Here’s how the Clintons are helping achieve that goal:

“Out of the university and into the slush fund.” And that savings will be passed along to students!

Institution of higher learning photo of the day: Ring toss, Planned Parenthood-style

Let’s check in with an institution of higher learning located about 70 miles north of where I’m sitting to see how the molding of the minds of tomorrow’s leaders is coming along:


One purported goal is to educate people whose sexual knowledge is so lacking that they don’t know a real penis doesn’t have a face like that on it (though would that be freakin’ awesome or what?).

Another goal, no doubt more important than the first, is apparently to make “Generation Gimme” transcend the end of the Hope & Change era and parlay that into continued “free” stuff paid for by somebody else:

Featuring free condom giveaways and educational games about sex and sexual practices, the intention of the health festival, Phenicie says, is to promote positive life choices for students who choose to be sexually active.

“Sextival is a sexual health festival that is intended to raise awareness of sexual health, to educate college students who may have not gotten a great sexual health education in high school, and just really to get people talking about (sex),” Phenicie said. “A lot of people are really uncomfortable talking about sex but a more open atmosphere leads to better outcomes.”

Organizations present at Sextival included the Office of LGBTQ Services, SAGE and Planned Parenthood.

Students in attendance at the event were widely receptive of all the different games and giveaways that were available. Some said the games were the reason for them attending.

Seniors Bryana Borders and Brittany Kronner learned about the event online through Facebook and knew they had to go.

“I figured there was a lot of free stuff I could get,” Borders said. “But I’m taking a human sexuality class now so I’ve been learning about all this stuff, so it’s nice to be able to apply it and it’s just fun.”

Phenicie said in the future she hopes to see Sextival be upgraded to an entire week, rather than just one day.

And I’m sure plenty of Planned Parenthood business cards were handed out… just in case.

(h/t @KristinaJH)

Yeah, let’s have more people from Harvard run the country

Barack Obama went to Harvard, and more Obama administration officials graduated from Harvard than any other school in the nation. Oh, and of course Elizabeth Warren was a professor at Harvard.

Given that lead-in, this is hardly surprising — meet the country’s future leadership if voters don’t wake up:

Not to dump on Harvard specifically. Ivy League schools in general are Petri dishes for leftists that tend to work their way into high powered government gigs (i.e. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Tom Perez, et al). I’m sorry, did I say government? I meant “public service” — said as sarcastically as possible.

Elizabeth Warren kicks around the ‘11 Commandments of Progressivism’ hacky sack of hypocrisy

Fauxcahontas (aka “Dances With Identity” aka “Elizabeth Warren) is such a hypocrite, but of course, she didn’t build that.

Warren cited her “11 Commandments of Progressivism” at the Netroots convention of loopy leftists in Detroit, the city destroyed by progressivism that progressives hope to salvage with more progressivism (good luck).

Here’s my favorite:

“We believe that students are entitled to get an education without being crushed by debt.”

How does lightning not strike this woman? If students are being “crushed by debt,” Elizabeth Warren is helping operate the hydraulic press:

Rather than call for overpaid profs’ and administrators to take salary cuts “for the children,” Warren has no problem at all demanding government subsidies for student loans. That way, people like her still get their small fortunes.

Warren also blasted Wall Street. The DSCC helped Warren get elected, and they accepted $40 million from Wall Street over the years. They would have accepted more, but, Wall Street is, you know, bad.

Even Michelle Obama admits people have to be ‘dragged’ into a future of Hope & Change

Friday night, Michelle Obama delivered a commencement address for graduates from five Topeka high schools.

She got one thing right — the only way I’m going to end up in a country governed by leftist ideologues is if I’m dragged there:

Many school districts, she said, are withdrawing efforts to integrate their students, and communities are becoming less diverse as people flee cities for the suburbs.

“As a result, many young people in America are going to school with kids who look just like them,” Obama said. “And too often, those schools aren’t equal, especially ones attended by students of color, which too often lag behind with crumbling classrooms and less experienced teachers.”

Obama suggested that segregation in American schools can be seen in how students cluster at separate lunch tables or isolate themselves in different clubs or activities.

“They never really reach beyond their own circles.”

The tendency toward separation isn’t limited to the classroom, she said.

“Too many folks are still stopped on the street because of the color of their skin, or they’re made to feel unwelcome because of where they’re from, or they’re bullied because of who they love.”

The Brown decision, she said, isn’t about the past. It’s about the future.

She called on students to battle deep-seated prejudices that persist years after the civil rights movement swept across the country.

“Graduates, it’s up to all of you to lead the way and drag my generation and your grandparents’ generation along with you,” she said.

“When you meet folks who think they know all the answers because they’ve never heard any other viewpoints, it’s up to you to help them see things differently.

Gee, I wonder why people are fleeing the cities for the suburbs. Oh yes, it’s because liberal/progressive policies have destroyed our cities!

It’s also hilarious that a couple who send their kids to an elite DC private school are whining about people who are fleeing inner-city public education (justifiably so).

Hypocrisy is the foundation of Hope & Change.

Revisionist history lesson of the day: Defeat of Nazi Germany was victory over capitalism or something

Yesterday I ran across this and have been laughing at it for nearly 24 hours.

From a self-described “left wing school teacher” from Australia:


Epic Backfire: Schools Selling Junk Food to Make Up for the Money They Lose on Michelle Obama’s Lunch Rules

All of the left’s grand schemes in failure and leave behind an aftermath unintended consequences:

Yet public schools sell sometimes-unhealthy snacks and fatty alternatives to balanced, government-regulated lunches for a simple reason: They earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to an exclusive Poughkeepsie Journal review of financial documents and menus and interviews with food service managers.

Ironically, schools need this income to fill growing holes in their food service budgets, the Journal found, as regulations require them to serve healthier — and expensive — fruits, vegetables and lower-fat foods with government-approved lunches.

Don’t worry, I’m sure they thought through the health care law much better!

(h/t Weasel Zippers)