All of the left’s grand schemes in failure and leave behind an aftermath unintended consequences: Yet public schools sell sometimes-unhealthy snacks and fatty alternatives to balanced, government-regulated lunches for a simple reason: They earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to an exclusive Poughkeepsie Journal review of financial documents and menus and interviews with food […]

The Scouts should have instead offered a badge for bullshit spotting, but it wasn’t to be. Via Weasel Zippers: The “green” badge will be personally awarded by Al Gore to any Scout who can figure out how to start a fire using nothing but two sticks and a Fisker Karma.

I’m sure the Obama administration will see to it that somebody is fired over this — the person who removed the quote, that is: A U.S. government website geared toward children under the umbrella of the Department of Education yanked a quote from Communist leader Mao Zedong off its page on Friday after it went […]

Ever notice how these “we can get rid of the Constitution” types are always the same ones who run to the courts to claim First Amendment protections any time somebody tries to put a muzzle on them? Here’s just one part from the Georgetown Prof’s justification for doing away with much of the Constitution: For […]

If you’re thinking about applying for a license to own and operate a snack bar on this campus, I already beat you to it: A public university located in one of California’s prime pot-growing regions has formed an academic institute devoted to marijuana. The Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research at Humboldt State University plans […]

If I were black or Hispanic and my kids were in Florida schools I’d find this just a tad offensive: The Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon their race. On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by […]

Hey, here’s a new allegation that I haven’t heard before: Conservatives are racist! Can you imagine listening to this smug, arrogant faux-intellectual nut case ramble for an hour and a half? Even the birth control straw man she constructed walked out of the room: Always a special treat when a person whose entire argument is […]

On second thought, maybe the kids aren’t missing out on much… certainly not in spelling class: Update: I wonder if he had any input when it came to writing this sign.

Spotted being towed by an airplane above a recent Romney campaign event: Geniuses. So glad their side has wrested control of our health care. We shouldn’t hold these people accountable for their atrocious grammar or spelling — I mean, look at who they follow:

2008 seems a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? President Barack Obama was forced to find another venue for a Virginia campaign event next week after the University of Virginia declined a request to use the campus. University officials had said Friday that they had met with the campaign about using one of its outdoor venues on […]

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