Always love it when these people crawl away from their university rocks long enough to test their theories in the real world, completely trash things, and then slink back to the safety of the classroom chalkboard where they can make that leftist looney-toon idiocy actually work. Cass Sunstein is the latest example: Cass Sunstein, administrator […]

If Elizabeth Warren wanted to meet people like her, she’d have checked the “Marxist” box instead of “Native American.” In any case, Warren wants us to believe that she only said she was a minority (in spite of claiming to be only 1/32 Cherokee) to meet others who shared her tribal roots: Democratic Senate candidate […]

The Senate Office of Education and Training delivered their new manuals to Capitol Hill today. The manual lists available courses for Hill staff and employees. This includes classes on editing and proofreading. With that in mind, here’s the cover: Typical government operation… you get put in charge of the proofreading course before you’re made to […]

By now the girl who said “I actually don’t know anything about the economy” has probably been offered a job on Obama’s economic advisory board: Watch the latest video at

***** Alternate course title: Living Through the Obama Economy: Coming soon, zombies will be invading Michigan State University. The School of Social Work is offering a one-of-a-kind online course called “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Catastrophes and Human Behavior” that will do a lot more than teach students how to fend off the undead. […]

In the public education system, the United States spends over $10,000 per pupil per year. Where does it all go? I don’t know, but based on some of these responses, it’s easy to see where it doesn’t go. Video from MRCTV: ***** Check out the cost of public education vs. test performance. Click the pic […]

At first I looked to see where this story took place, because part of me is still naïve enough to assume it must have happened in China or North Korea. But I should know better these days: A preschooler at West Hoke Elementary School ate three chicken nuggets for lunch Jan. 30 because a state […]

“Waterless urinals” in schools? What could possibly go wrong? Here’s the latest self-inflicted green fail: Palm Beach County public schools decided to go green several years ago to help protect the environment and save on energy bills. But the switch to waterless urinals in numerous boys’ bathrooms has become a costly mess on some campuses. […]

Don’t you wish the government and the shill “media” outlets they allow to remain lip-locked on the public teat would drop the puppet charade and just start robbing us at gunpoint? I’d feel less insulted. From CNS News: A “food insecure” Muppet is helping to promote a national “Food for Thought” campaign that teaches poor […]

Keep in mind as you read this that we are talking about California, so maybe it’s not very out of the ordinary: Parents of Emerson Elementary in Compton, California, are up in arms over the school’s decision to invite former porn star Sasha Grey to read to a group of first and third-grade students, at […]

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