I couldn’t help but ask that question to nobody in particular last night. It occurred to me was after Kanye West went on an N-word and F-word rant that made the MTV bleep guy collapse from exhaustion. Before that there was Miley Cyrus, who pleasured herself with a foam finger while the 20-year-old singer mock […]

What do you see? Hey @Oprah, don't you have any friends that care enough to tell you what that dress looks like? pic.twitter.com/iXxUzAcgwH #PenisWearingRacist — William Keane (@largebill68) August 22, 2013 A not-so-subtle endorsement for Anthony Weiner, or does The Oprah just not own a full length mirror? Somewhere there’s a store clerk who should […]

Alternate headline: Entertainer will not perform in any state that has laws like the one that had nothing to do with the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. From the Hollywood Reporter: In the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal, the singer said he would not be performing in the Sunshine State until its Stand […]

Alternate title: I can’t wait to see Romney pulled up on stage to join in singing Bawitdaba and American Badass. From Politico: Liberty Plaza Events has signed on musical acts Lynyrd Skynyrd (Aug. 26), Trace Adkins (Aug. 28) and Kid Rock (Aug. 29) for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. Other artists such as […]

I’m trying to imagine a scenario in which I’d be able to sit around a table with Anna Wintour, Barack and “Mee-shell” Obama, and Sarah Jessica Parker and yet still have any kind of appetite for a meal: Translation: “Normally I have security quickly remove proletariat trash like you who wander too close to my […]

“I’d better keep this sh*t away from the Department of Energy or we’ll all go bankrupt” ***** Energy Secretary Steven Chu used the movie The Avengers, which I saw last weekend, to segue into another pitch to keep dumping taxpayer dollars down the “clean energy” money incinerator. By way of Erika Johnsen at Hot Air, […]

Democrats are aghast after Ted Nugent, in reference to the need to defeat the Dems in November, said “we need to take these sons of bitches out!” Oh wait, that was said by Jimmy Hoffa Jr. at an event attended by President Obama, and it was directed at the Tea Party (Obama later said he […]

If you’re Obama looking for a director for your campaign film (the trailer was recently released, featuring narration from Tom Hanks), you’d want somebody who not only has tasted the Kool Aid, but who has swallowed so much of it that they’ve overdosed on Hope & Change and will forever be seeing visions of rainbows, […]

The left is leaving no stone unturned in their Rush Limbaugh criticism — even if they have to make up stuff. I believe it was Media Matters that started the lie that certain music was played “while Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke” — as in simultaneously — as if Limbaugh had a soundtrack playing in the […]

I wonder if Bill and Hill will get any residuals for being the inspirations for this new show: At the epicenter of the drama is the divorced former First Lady, who’s the current Secretary of State, having recently lost the presidential nomination. Elaine Barrish – that’s the name of Weaver’s character – has got a […]

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