Islamic terrorists have killed hundreds in recent weeks and their spread has sparked worldwide travel warnings. With that in mind, here’s a direct quote from the President of the United States about the announcement that a conference on climate change in Paris will not be postponed: “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will […]

Bill Nye the “fake science guy” is a world class dipshit, and the libs love it! That’s what passes for “logic” on the Left. Fortunately, people with functional brains have dismantled Nye’s “debunking” of pro-life positions: Nye’s central argument is that human embryos should not be protected by law, because many of them perish from […]

You know, if we had an honest and inquisitive media, it’s possible that some intrepid reporter might want to know if “data” like this… It's official. Earth just had its hottest month ever recorded — GlobalPost (@GlobalPost) August 20, 2015 …could possibly be influenced by numbers like this: An inconvenient truth: ‘Climate change […]

The guzzlers of Al Gore’s Kool Aid are touting this “study” that affirms severe weather events are linked to man-made climate change. Check out “study guideline” #1: The scientists list the following questions as a guide to their study. 1. Given a particular weather pattern, how were the temperatures, precipitation, and associated impacts influenced by […]

What an asshole: Bill floods Texas. Alaska is on fire. Just a little global warming & climate change. Nothing to worry about… — Bill Nye (@BillNye) June 16, 2015 Because SCIENCE! Alaska’s largest known wildfire was in 1956, around the time Nye’s alarmist predecessors were cooking up their “next ice age” theory. And of […]

This proposal will be an easy sell with the White House: France’s foreign minister says the global climate agreement being negotiated this year must be worded in a way so that it doesn’t require approval by U.S. Congress. Laurent Fabius told a group of African delegates at U.N. climate talks in Bonn on Monday that […]

I don’t often do “fact checks,” but this one’s important. Challenging question for the group: Which is lower, the average age of the OFA staffers who write that embarrassingly cult-ish crap, or the average IQ?

Today I heard Rush Limbaugh read this quote delivered by John Kerry during one of his “we’re all gonna die unless everybody except me stops flying and living in mansions” global warming alarmist speeches and I nearly drove off the highway: “My heroes are people who dared to take on great challenges without knowing for […]

Australia rivals the U.S. in the number of agenda-driven climate change alarmist nutcases roaming the countryside, as Celeste Young, “Collaborative Research Fellow, Centre for Strategic Economic Studies” at Victoria University, demonstrates: Celeste Young – “a sustainability/climate change professional who works as a communication and operational specialist with a particular interest in innovation and the use […]

This crap is REALLY getting old, especially coming from a guy who runs a f*#king airline and is trying to develop a fleet of suborbital rockets for the purpose of space vacations for hypocritical celebrity eco-douchebags: #snowmanselfie at #WEF15 – why we must address climate change in 2015 #Action2015 — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) […]

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