I don’t often do “fact checks,” but this one’s important. Challenging question for the group: Which is lower, the average age of the OFA staffers who write that embarrassingly cult-ish crap, or the average IQ?

Today I heard Rush Limbaugh read this quote delivered by John Kerry during one of his “we’re all gonna die unless everybody except me stops flying and living in mansions” global warming alarmist speeches and I nearly drove off the highway: “My heroes are people who dared to take on great challenges without knowing for […]

Australia rivals the U.S. in the number of agenda-driven climate change alarmist nutcases roaming the countryside, as Celeste Young, “Collaborative Research Fellow, Centre for Strategic Economic Studies” at Victoria University, demonstrates: Celeste Young – “a sustainability/climate change professional who works as a communication and operational specialist with a particular interest in innovation and the use […]

This crap is REALLY getting old, especially coming from a guy who runs a f*#king airline and is trying to develop a fleet of suborbital rockets for the purpose of space vacations for hypocritical celebrity eco-douchebags: #snowmanselfie at #WEF15 – why we must address climate change in 2015 http://t.co/WYmcVx6hmL #Action2015 pic.twitter.com/xRl9PQvbAJ — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) […]

This wreckage should now be relocated to Al Gore’s front yard: Wind turbine collapses in Northern Ireland http://t.co/2Wxe16yKVw pic.twitter.com/ZkLx0OYhIr — Telegraph News (@TelegraphNews) January 4, 2015 Looks like it instinctively attempted to form the shape of a hockey stick. The turbine had been spotted drinking earlier in the day, so maybe that had something to […]

Thanks for nothing, DiCaprio! Where was the media on this a few years ago when the Obama administration and Department of Energy were lying their asses off about electric cars so they could grease their cronies with billions of taxpayer dollars? It’s not like it’s “breaking news,” but the MSM has to pretend it is: […]

The people who don’t read the free t-shirt before putting it on are the catalysts for the best jokes: #PeoplesClimate: MT @chelsea_elisa " #FastForTheClimate " ~ pic.twitter.com/oOrtbBa9ZD — Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) September 21, 2014 Let’s all go help her find the letter “e” that, because of climate change no doubt, fell out of the second […]

The Almighty is even sick of his drivel: Well played, God. Well played.

The wind-up: 'Worst forest fire in Sweden's modern history' claims first life: WSJ http://t.co/VAu6X9AKoz — Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) August 5, 2014 And the pitch: @billmckibben @ClimateDepot slow season for parasitic climatic ambulance chasing , eh Bill. US wildfire acreage at record lows — Joe Bastardi (@BigJoeBastardi) August 5, 2014 HAHAHA! Hopefully the phrase “parasitic climatic […]

This is the title of a story at Salon.com that many global warmist Gore-bots are pointing to: 10,883 out of 10,885 scientific articles agree: Global warming is happening, and humans are to blame 10,883 out of 10,885 studies agree with Al Gore? Wow, that’s a lot. From the article: Powell went through every scientific study […]

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