A couple days ago I pointed out why President Obama might well be the gun salesman of the year for the 7th year running. If Obama’s the gun salesman of the year, then this business owner is the gun marketer of the year: Simpsonville gun shop sign reads: "Want to piss off Obama? Buy a […]

**The gun business, that is: Dems are now huddling to figure out how they can repeal the law of unintended consequences. (h/t GWP)

You know you’re a clueless gun control lefty if this is a poor demonstration of gun safety… Hey Ted Cruz, you're holding your gun backwards https://t.co/1cLS37zcnl pic.twitter.com/n5TuwbWC6e — Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) November 4, 2015 .@TedCruz Really Was Pointing His Gun At His Friends https://t.co/bbneB5yCuX pic.twitter.com/FBg10EUoYB — Wes Siler (@IndefiniteWild) November 4, 2015 …But this is acceptable […]

Actual title of a post on the Reuters blog: Would Jesus join the NRA? Hey, can I play that game too? Great. Can we now apply this hypothetical to Planned Parenthood? https://t.co/hZpAzchqU8 pic.twitter.com/cEwkMhlDYy — Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) October 30, 2015 The ridiculous Reuters piece closed this way — and keep in mind we were supposed to […]

We all know that world class hypocrite Michael Moore hates an armed citizenry almost as much as he can’t stand it when the pizza delivery guy shows up a few minutes after the estimated time he was given, but he seems to have done a 180 here and probably doesn’t know it: Next demand: Disarm […]

Welcome to Progressive, USA. Population: You and a growing number of authorities who don’t give a damn about the Constitution: Joseph Palumbo, owner of the Albion Gun Shop in Albion, New York, was forced by state police to hand over 165 customer records or risk having his store raided. Palumbo spoke to Tucker Carlson this […]

Shannon Watts, who heads up the Michael Bloomberg funded “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” actually said the scenario that a good guy with a gun (private citizen) has stopped a bad guy with a gun has “never happened.” Yep — never happened. We know that’s patently false, but the nature of the […]

Let me get this straight: This maniac murdered six people — half of which he killed with a knife. He also injured 13 more people, and a number of those he hit on purpose with his car. And it’s all the NRA’s fault? Yes it is, according to people like Dianne Feinstein and others. These […]

This is a hilarious glimpse into the minds of some pro gun control proponents (video by way of CNS News): Those who consider their own words to be “getting trapped” by an interviewer just asking some basic questions might want to re-consider their position on the issue.

The mainstream media can be so embarrassing — even dangerous sometimes. A basic gun safety rule is “always handle the gun as if it’s loaded.” So with that in mind, ABC News decided to let kids find guns they said were unloaded and even look down the barrel: SAWYER: We took a group of kids […]

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