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A Parkland shooting survivor is holding people accountable, and it’s NOT the NRA

Not long after 17 people were killed and many more injured at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the nation’s most shameless sheriff went on CNN and pointed the finger of blame at the NRA, immune to any pangs of self-awareness:

What an ass. That shameless Sheriff Israel turned out to be projecting big time. One student who protected others during the shooting (while being shot five times himself) has called out Israel big time:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim Anthony Borges and his family held a news conference in Plantation Friday evening where he blamed BSO Sheriff Scott Israel and Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie for failing students and faculty.

“To Sheriff Israel of the Broward Sheriff’s Office and Robert Runcie, the Superintendent of schools in Broward, I want to thank you for visiting me at the hospital, but I want to say that both of you failed us, students, teachers and parents alike, on so many levels,” read his attorney Alex Arreaza.

Arreaza said Anthony, 15, lays blame for the shooting at the feet of Sheriff Israel and Runcie for not doing more to prevent self-confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz from being able to be in the school that day.

Borges’ statement says school officials allowed Cruz to continue attending school even after realizing he was dangerous.

“I want to ask you today to end your policy and agreement that you will not arrest people committing crimes in our school,” Anthony said in the statement.

What was all that BS you were spouting about the NRA, Sheriff Israel? That said, guess which story isn’t going to catch fire with the mainstream media? They’ve got a narrative to help push, and this doesn’t fit.

The fact that Israel still has a job unfortunately goes to show that somebody’s not entirely serious about fixing these internal problems.

Here’s why the YouTube HQ shooting story will disappear fast

There was a shooting at YouTube headquarters in California on Tuesday. Several people were injured and the shooter is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot:

Some on the Left immediately pounced before any details were known, but here are several reasons why the story will magically disappear from the MSM radar rather quickly:

That sound you just heard was the MSM, with the help of a lot of Dems, flushing that story down the talking points toilet.

The media’s challenge is to now find a way to make a shooting done by a leftist, non-Christian, non-male PETA member the fault of the NRA. They won’t be able to, so the story will disappear fast, just like any other liberal narrative-buster like this one:

A witness to the shooter near YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California said during a Tuesday interview on Fox News that he wished he had a gun during the situation.

“What was going through your mind?” a reporter asked. “I mean, people dropping, being shot multiple times, bullets whizzing, people bleeding. What’s going through your mind?”

“I knew I had to be smart,” the witness said. “You’ve got to be fast. You’ve got to think fast.”

“I didn’t have a gun on me, but I wish I did,” he added.

You won’t be seeing that guy interviewed on any network newscast.

Wisconsin Dem: ‘Good guy with a gun’ could trigger an arms race with bad guys making us less safe

Actual blog post from a Madison, Wisconsin Democrat who’s on the city council in regards to debate over having armed security at a local bank that’s been robbed before. I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the areas you’ll want to make especially sure to not be drinking anything as you read them:

Hi Neighbors,

Chase Bank has kindly and diplomatically reached out to meet with me tomorrow evening about security measures at the Milwaukee Street branch. One main topic of our discussion will be the continued plans for an armed guard at the branch. This armed guard would be an off-duty Madison Police Department officer, for which Chase would cover the expense. I want to be sure that I have as much input from all of you as I can so I can best advocate for the neighborhood’s interests and viewpoints.

One thing that current events have forced us to consider is how guns impact safety in all aspects of our lives. As we navigate how we respond to gun violence, there are a lot of pros and cons to having more armed guards to defend us, whether in our schools, or our neighborhood bank branches. This email would get impossibly long if I listed every single pro and con, but I’ll try to get the main points out. I hope that we can unpack the bigger points of the discussion and that you can mull through everything and let me know where you come down on this.

A good number of our neighbors have reached out since the attempted robbery of about a month ago and shared that they feel greater sense of security knowing that there is a good guy/gal with a gun in a place where they bank. I take that seriously. Certainly feeling safe going about our neighborhood should be a basic expectation. If having an armed guard at Chase helps our neighbors feel safer, I definitely hear that. I understand the opinion of many that an armed guard is a deterrent to attempted robberies, and that a guard would almost never to need to actually fire their weapon.

I do wonder if an armed guard at this location truly makes us safer. I don’t want to talk anyone out of their gut feeling on this because you know best what safety means for you. I am concerned that if there is one armed guard at the branch, that instead of one person trying to rob the bank without an actual weapon, as we saw frequently before now, that we might see a group of assailants, armed with powerful guns, attempt a robbery. We do an okay job setting up our officers with weapons, but we don’t need to get into an arms race with would-be robbers. That would be terribly unsafe for everyone in the vicinity, not least our officers.

By the same token, I continue to be concerned with the possibility of gunfire in a residential area, regardless of who is firing the shots. There is a daycare just across the street, next to a senior care facility. Houses abut the bank property on the other 3 sides; some of our neighbors’ living rooms are a couple of hundred feet from the bank lobby. MPD officers are highly trained on when to take a shot and would of course consider their surroundings as factors before firing their weapon. But there is no such thing as a perfect shot, and a bullet from a good guy’s gun travels the same way as a bullet from a bad guy’s gun. You know me, I’m not scared of much, but I would fear everyday that an attempted robbery and a stray bullet from either an assailant or even an officer would lead to tragedy in our district. While an armed guard, a highly trained MPD officer, would increase security in many ways, of course we must admit that more weapons equals more risk.

There’s really only one way to respond to all that:

I’ll bet she doesn’t have that same opinion about armed security at Madison, Wisconsin city council meetings.

Ex-Supreme Court Justice takes commanding lead in ‘Gun/NRA Membership Salesman of the Year’ competition

Supreme Court justices take an oath to “faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon” them “under the Constitution and laws of the United States,” but that doesn’t mean they can’t call for others to try and chop out the parts they don’t like:

You know how the Left addresses concern from the pro-2nd Amendment crowd by saying “nobody wants to take your guns away!” Well, maybe that’s not entirely true — and this guy’s not even a flaming lefty:

“That support is a clear sign to lawmakers to enact legislation prohibiting civilian ownership of semiautomatic weapons, increasing the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 years old, and establishing more comprehensive background checks on all purchasers of firearms,” Stevens wrote in the New York Times.

He added: “But the demonstrators should seek more effective and more lasting reform. They should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment.”

Stevens said the landmark 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller decision, which upheld that the Second Amendment protects the individual’s right to bear arms even for those unaffiliated with a militia, has become a “propaganda weapon of immense power” for the NRA.

“Overturning that decision via a constitutional amendment to get rid of the Second Amendment would be simple and would do more to weaken the N.R.A.’s ability to stymie legislative debate and block constructive gun control legislation than any other available option,” Stevens said.

With Stevens’ legal background, you’d think he’d be more familiar with the Law of Unintended Consequences. But with one op-ed the 97-year-old former SCOTUS justice probably singlehandedly helped sell a few guns and NRA memberships. Congrats, judge! At this point, Stevens strikes me more as a pissy old man trying to burn it all down on his way out the door than somebody actually trying to help solve a problem.

Even Laurence Tribe thinks Stevens jumped the shark:

When Laurence Tribe thinks you’ve gone too far left, yikes!

Planned Parenthood supporter(s) keepin’ it classy at Parkland student’s memorial

This father lost his daughter in the Parkland, Florida shooting and then has to go find this shameless political garbage at her memorial:

Planned Parenthood propaganda put at the memorial next to “we speak for the ones who can’t” is ironic and then some. But mostly just sickeningly pathetic.

Apparently pro-gun control marchers found the REAL perp responsible for the Parkland shooting

Call off the investigation, because libs have found the person responsible for the Parkland shooting. Sure, the NRA’s still getting plenty of blame, but as evidenced by yesterday’s March For Our Lives signs and speeches, the real criminal is Marco Rubio:

You can only imagine the Dem planning session: Sure the shooting was horrible, but why not use the protest as an opportunity to try and demagogue ourselves a Senate seat in the process?

And even though it wasn’t a school day, student/activist David Hogg did some math in order to implicate Rubio in the shooting:

This “movement” has jumped the shark so publicly that they might get sued by the producers of “Happy Days.”

These people aren’t serious about solving any problems with regards to school shootings or any other shootings for that matter. It’s pure politics.

I can’t help but think of the killer Nikolas Cruz, sitting in jail awaiting trial and a subsequent express elevator to hell, hearing about everybody blaming people other than him for the crimes. He deserves so much worse. But instead we get blame-deflecting platitudes like “gun violence” and the celebrities who help push the narrative:

In the instance McCartney’s referring to, “gun violence” has a different name, and it’s “Mark David Chapman.” Depersonalizing murderers in order to implicate the NRA in every killing isn’t helping matters.

Also, how many celebs had armed security with them at the anti-gun rally? I’m just curious.

Heh: Anti-gun activist David Hogg slams unnecessary 1st Amendment restriction on law-abiding students

I’ll hand it to this guy, he makes a lot of good points — just not the ones he thinks he’s making:

His First Amendment rights are ironclad, absolute and not subject to being infringed upon no matter what! The Second Amendment should be scrapped or at least greatly limited based on liberal lies, distortions and spin.

One more time but with feeling!

“After we come back from spring break they’re requiring us to have clear backpacks.”
“It’s unnecessary, and it’s embarrassing for a lot of the students. And it makes them feel isolated and separated from the rest of American school culture where they’re having their First Amendment rights infringed upon.”

It’s OK with him to demonize millions of law-abiding gun owners and try and make them complicit in mass murder because of an organization they belong to, but tell students they have to wear clear backpacks and you’ve crossed the constitutional line, pal!

This is about the only way I can possibly sum this all up:

Dick’s Sporting Goods wades into gun control swamp, gets piranha in their pants

The “bake the cake” argument obviously doesn’t apply when a company is refusing to do something at the behest of liberals, but the flip side of that coin doesn’t disappoint me one bit:

As it turns out, caving into the demands of lefties who say law-abiding gun owners who shop at your store are complicit in mass murder can be bad for business. Go figure:

Dick’s Sporting Goods has suffered a surprisingly steep downturn in sales since promising to sell fewer guns, but the problem isn’t the gun sales, Fortune says.

Stock tumbled to the lowest in four months after the sports store banned assault-style weapons from its Field & Stream stores and raised the minimum age for a customer to buy a firearm from 18 to 21.
“There’s going to be some pushback and we expected that,” said CEO Edward Stack, in an earnings call with Wall Street analysts, according to CNN. “There are going to be the people who don’t shop us anymore for anything.”

The decision is “not going to be positive from a traffic standpoint and a sales standpoint,” Stack predicted.

The company’s shares fell 7.3 percent after going up 13 percent this year. Sales failed to hit the projected $2.74 billion, tapering off at $2.66 billion for this quarter.

Hey Dick’s, enjoy your new progressive buddies who probably never shopped at your stores anyway telling you what you should and shouldn’t be selling and to whom, because it’s not going to end here.

How will the Broward County Sheriff blame this one on the NRA?

In spite of Broward County Sheriff’s Department having ignored myriad red flags about Nikolas Cruz and some of his deputies failing to enter the building where he was killing students, Sheriff Scott Israel was quick to blame the NRA for the massacre.

Here’s the latest. How will Israel blame the NRA for this one?

Is the NRA selling “assault Sominex” or something? In the bigger picture, the Broward sheriff is the one who has been shown to have been asleep at the wheel for quite a while. And it’s not like it had been a snoozer of a week or anything:

About 30 minutes before Moises was found asleep, other deputies arrested Zachary Cruz, the brother of gunman Nikolas Cruz, for trespassing. Although Zachary Cruz had been told several times to avoid the campus, he rode his skateboard onto the grounds to “reflect on the school shooting and soak it in,” deputies said.

A day later, two students were arrested for bringing knives to the school, heightening concerns about security.

“Knives? Damn you, NRA!” – Predicted Sheriff Scott Israel reaction at a future CNN town hall.