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Michael Bloomberg’s gun control stooge not only wrong, but a hypocrite

Shannon Watts, who heads up the Michael Bloomberg funded “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” actually said the scenario that a good guy with a gun (private citizen) has stopped a bad guy with a gun has “never happened.” Yep — never happened.

We know that’s patently false, but the nature of the Bloomberg anti-gun push requires lying with frequency and impunity to a mostly complicit mainstream media.

Oh, and if a good guy with a gun has never stopped a bad guy with a gun, why does Watts require armed security? Ditto for her multi-leveled hypocrite puppet master Michael Bloomberg.

But I guess the ridiculous claim that a good guy with a gun has never stopped a bad guy with a gun sounds better than what they behavior actually tells us: “Our lives are worth protecting but you are expendable.”

Elliot Rodgers’ rampage is the NRA’s fault, according to Dianne Feinstein

Let me get this straight: This maniac murdered six people — half of which he killed with a knife. He also injured 13 more people, and a number of those he hit on purpose with his car. And it’s all the NRA’s fault?

Yes it is, according to people like Dianne Feinstein and others.

These people do not have a serious interest in preventing the recurrence of horrible crimes like this. The NRA does not support guns in the hands of the mentally ill, nor do they serve in state legislatures that make the laws:

Even a diagnosis of serious mental illness, in itself, would not have prevented Rodger from buying a gun under California law, said Lindsay Nichols, staff attorney with the advocacy group Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Instead of taking some responsibility for what can happen under laws they helped write, some legislators would rather just blame a gun rights entity that, as a general rule, supports their political opposition. And politics is what it’s all about.

Leave it to the Left to consider more gun control a “common sense” reaction to a mass killing where half the fatalities were caused by knives. How very partisan bureaucracy.

ABC News hides real guns for kids to find, which is supposed to prove a gun control point or something

The mainstream media can be so embarrassing — even dangerous sometimes.

A basic gun safety rule is “always handle the gun as if it’s loaded.” So with that in mind, ABC News decided to let kids find guns they said were unloaded and even look down the barrel:

SAWYER: We took a group of kids and we did just that, we gave them an intense warning. And then we took another group of kids and sent them all into a playroom with lots of toys, and something else, three real, unloaded and disabled guns. While their parents watched, here’s what our hidden cameras recorded.

Hey, if ABC News really wanted to make their point, why didn’t they just leave the guns loaded and then blame the NRA when they went off?

Moral of the story: Do not let ABC News anywhere near your kids.

(h/t Twitchy)

Substitute the Word ‘Obama’ with ‘Tea Party’ and See How it Would Be Reported

Nothing about the Washington Navy Yard shootings fits the “narrative” the Left, including their accomplices in the mainstream press, have been working for years to spread, and here’s another angle that will remain buried.

Imagine though if, instead of “Barack Obama,” this said “Tea Party”:

Tuesday, on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Michael Ritrovato spoke at length about his friend, suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. After expressing his condolences to the victims and their families, Ritrovato then expressed his shock over the actions of a man he described as being “like a brother to me” and a “good-natured guy.”

Ritrovato went on to explain that two of them had a close relationship based in part on their differences, specifically race and politics. Alexis was black, Ritrovato is white. Ritrovato described himself as conservative and Alexis is “more of a liberal type” who supported Barack Obama:

I would say things like, ‘You know, you are my brother from another mother.’ And he would say things like, ‘You’re my Italian mafia guy from New York.’ So we had things we joked about: Aaron wasn’t conservative like I am. He was more of a liberal type; he wasn’t happy with the former [Bush] administration. He was more happy with this [the Obama] administration — as far as presidential administrations.

This entire story runs counter to what the Left has been trying to convey: They freaked about AR-15s but Alexis didn’t use one (except a cop, who used one to bring Alexis down). There are reports Aaron Alexis tried to buy an AR-15 but existing law prevented him from doing so. He took Joe Biden’s advice and bought a shotgun. He wasn’t a conservative. He wasn’t white. He wasn’t an NRA member.

The lefties, including Dianne Feinstein and the lib gun grabbers in Congress who claim to care so deeply about “saving just one life,” are going to so obviously ignore these facts that you’d think they were tax cut proposals.

Piers Morgan Calls for More Gun Laws After Teens Who Were Already Prohibited from Possessing Firearms Shoot Australian Student

Before we get to the predictable idiocy, here’s the back story:

Prosecutors on Tuesday charged two teenagers accused of gunning down an Australian student in Oklahoma for the “fun of it” with first-degree murder, and a third teen with being an accessory.

Officials say 22-year-old Christopher Lane, who was visiting the U.S. on a baseball scholarship at East Central University, was jogging along a road in Duncan, Okla., after visiting his girlfriend on Friday when he was shot in the back, allegedly by the teens.

Terri Moore from the Stephens County Courthouse says 16-year-old Chancey Allen Luna and 15-year-old James Francis Edwards Jr. were charged as adults with first-degree murder. Both are being held without bond.

Bond was set at $1 million for 17-year-old Michael Jones, who allegedly drove the vehicle carrying the other suspects. He was charged with the use of a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and accessory to murder after the fact. Jones is considered a youthful offender but will be tried in adult court.

Naturally, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have called press conferences to denounce this, and President Obama told reporters that if he “had sons they would look just like two of the suspects.” Wait, never mind.

As for the murder, Piers Morgan calls for more gun control and blames… the NRA:

He’s either disingenuous or sub-stupid. I have a feeling it’s some combination of the two.

All of the suspects are under aged, which means that existing gun laws already prohibit them from legally possessing guns. Also, I don’t know if Musket Morgan is aware, but there is also a law on the books against murder. If these teens didn’t care about the law against cold blooded murder, what makes Morgan think they’d give a damn about additional laws against gun possession?

(h/t Ace of Spades)

Wayne LaPierre Awards Barack Obama with ‘NRA Recruiter of the Century’ Accolade

That’s not exactly how it transpired, but close. Thanks to the tireless efforts of President Obama and others, the NRA’s membership has now reached five million and counting:

At the National Rifle Association’s convention in Houston, TX, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre announced that the NRA has now grown to an unprecedented 5 million active members. He concluded his speech with the theme of all the NRA officers, vowing, “From liberty’s defense, we will never back down. We will never surrender. We will always stand. We will always fight.”

Well over 70,000 members of the NRA are assembled in Houston, Texas for its 142nd Annual Meeting—projected to break the all-time record for the nation’s oldest and largest Constitutional rights organization. The convention houses over 300,000 square feet of exhibits (mostly firearms and accessories), seminars on various topics including women’s and children’s safety, and formal speeches from national political leaders and the NRA’s leadership. The central focus on the annual convention—as always—is protecting the Constitution’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

The NRA Recruiter of the Century accomplishment goes with Obama’s other award:


Biden: Shotgun Better Than AR-15 for Home Defense Because an AR-15 Could Kill Your Kids

A basic rule of shooting is “be sure of your target and what’s beyond it,” but the arguments of people like Joe Biden are predicated on the person handling the gun being a poorly trained buffoon. Pluggers also doesn’t do anybody any favors by constantly pushing the view that, in a general sense, one kind of a gun is “safer” than another:

Biden: In terms of home protection, you know, they make fun of my saying about use a shotgun if somebody’s invading your home. Guess what — use a shotgun if somebody’s invading your home, you don’t kill your kids. Use an AR-15 is goes through the wall and can kill your kid in the bedroom.

Guess what — a shotgun can also kill your kid if you blindly “shoot through the door” like Biden advised. A shotgun in the hands of somebody not properly trained to use it can accidentally kill somebody just the same as an AR-15 in the hands of somebody not properly trained to use it.

Between a rifle and a shotgun, the shotgun would be the preferable weapon in a closed quarters encounter like that (at least for me it would — your mileage may vary). However, Biden’s continual insinuation that a shotgun is somehow safer in the hands of the same hypothetical person who, in his scenario, would shoot an AR-15 in the direction of his kid’s bedroom, is ridiculous.

In any case, how any of this would have prevented another Sandy Hook is anybody’s guess. I thought that’s what this was originally supposed to be about.

Related update: The NRA shreds Nanny Bloomberg’s gun ad.