I wrote a bit about the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare subsidies here, but you can tell what the Court ruled based only on the reaction from these Hope & Change-bots: Dancing outside the Supreme Court following health care decision. #ACA https://t.co/rcnFuehn6d — CSPAN (@cspan) June 25, 2015 That was an interpretive dance titled “A Midsummer […]

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that a majority of those questioned do not want the Supreme Court to block subsidies to states that didn’t set up their own Obamacare exchanges (the case is King v. Burwell). Check out how the question was framed: In other words, “Do you want poor kids to die, or […]

A couple days ago The Hill provided a hint as to what the “blame the GOP for a law NONE of them voted to pass” movement will look like heading into next year’s election. Next up, HuffPo: The real reason Republicans don't have a contingency plan for Obamacare http://t.co/ZCPyYhy0n6 — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) June 4, […]

This is an angle we’ll be seeing more and more as we get into peak election season next year: None of the GOP plans reportedly do enough to prevent an ObamaCare subsidy meltdown: http://t.co/R1RcwTey3v pic.twitter.com/Kv1R7Jeu9Q — The Hill (@thehill) May 28, 2015 In other words, Republicans think Obamacare is a crappy law — and if […]

The Associated Press actually managed to report that the Affordable Care Act isn’t “affordable” and doesn’t even have much “care” without calling out the Dems who voted for it who now want to lead the charge to “fix” the law (read: throw a ton more money at it). Rep. McDermott, who voted to pass the […]

The Obamacare “train wreck” has turned into a ship wreck. Hawaii’s federal exchange sinking is just the latest example: Hawaii Obamacare exchange is shutting down. Epic failure cost federal taxpayers $205,342,270. http://t.co/GFjNm1s7oB — Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) May 12, 2015 I want to see itemized expense listings for where that money went, because there are most likely […]

Compare, contrast, and enjoy: This is…amazing pic.twitter.com/mxs3nB41nF — Kevin Eder (@keder) February 19, 2015 Excuse me, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The only aspect about anything Obamacare-related that’s “free” is the schadenfreude. The pitiful thing is that another politician will tell her similar lies and she’ll fall for it all over again. Repeat offender morons are how we’ve […]

Jonathan Gruber and CMS Director Tavenner are testifying before the House Oversight Committee today. It’s reported that Gruber was paid in the $400,000 range by the federal government and perhaps millions more by states to clue them in on the Obamacare sham. Exactly how much was Gruber paid? He can’t recall: By the way, I […]

Step aside, “if you like your plan you can keep your plan,” because we have a new “lie of the year”: Anybody who believes that is Gruber’s target audience. Just for the sake of wild argument, let’s assume Obama’s telling the truth. That would almost be worse, because it would mean that his administration paid […]

We know Democrats believe their voters are idiots, but it’s rare to hear one of them admit it loud and proud. Jonathan Gruber’s past admissions about Obamacare have somehow avoided appearing on the MSM’s radar. Just imagine how horribly Democrats would perform at the polls if we had a remotely honest and unbiased mainstream media: […]

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