Obamacare awakenings: What a difference a few years makes

Compare, contrast, and enjoy:

Excuse me, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The only aspect about anything Obamacare-related that’s “free” is the schadenfreude. The pitiful thing is that another politician will tell her similar lies and she’ll fall for it all over again. Repeat offender morons are how we’ve ended up in so much trouble.

Yeah right: Jonathan Gruber can’t recall how much money he was paid to push Obamacare

Jonathan Gruber and CMS Director Tavenner are testifying before the House Oversight Committee today.

It’s reported that Gruber was paid in the $400,000 range by the federal government and perhaps millions more by states to clue them in on the Obamacare sham.

Exactly how much was Gruber paid? He can’t recall:

By the way, I disagree with Rep. Jim Jordan — Gruber didn’t “deceive” or lie in those videos. He was telling the dirty truth about Obamacare when he was paid to gin up support among state governments. I wish some Republicans would stop saying Gruber was lying, because that isolates the problem to just Gruber instead of what the Gruber videos really expose, which is the systemic deception of the entire Affordable Care Act.

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How surprising: Obama just now learned about the Jonathan Gruber story

Step aside, “if you like your plan you can keep your plan,” because we have a new “lie of the year”:

Anybody who believes that is Gruber’s target audience.

Just for the sake of wild argument, let’s assume Obama’s telling the truth. That would almost be worse, because it would mean that his administration paid this guy hundreds of thousands of dollars (and states much more on top of that) for a long time to go around and, according to Democrats now distancing themselves from him, tell lies about Obamacare. And nobody in the administration was keeping track of what he was telling the states and reporting it back to the White House?

Obama’s also assuming everybody is stupid — but it’s nice to know where Gruber gets that attitude from.

Obamacare ‘architect’ spills the beans, MSM refuses to pick them up

We know Democrats believe their voters are idiots, but it’s rare to hear one of them admit it loud and proud.

Jonathan Gruber’s past admissions about Obamacare have somehow avoided appearing on the MSM’s radar. Just imagine how horribly Democrats would perform at the polls if we had a remotely honest and unbiased mainstream media:

Since the video was uploaded, the major English and Spanish broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, and Telemundo have chosen not to cover this devastating video on either their morning or evening newscasts.

What a surprise!

The networks had no problem citing Gruber as an expert when he was spinning for the Obama administration, so it seems like that same person calling duped voters “stupid” would be news. And it would be — if the guilty parties were Republicans.


Gruber now regrets his comments. More accurately, he regrets that his remarks were recorded.

The Ebola funding science is un-settled

A few days ago a former NIH head said this about the reason there is no Ebola vaccine:

Government officials and “researchers” blaming a lack of funding for the existence of a problem is like dogs saying “if only I could like my balls more all the problems would go away!”

About that:

Wow, THAT guy’s not going to be invited to many inside-the-Beltway cocktail parties. I’m sure an Obama administration official is en route to Bethesda as we speak to smack him upside the head with the “correct” narrative.

Or, he’ll be threatened with a return to the private sector — a government researcher’s worst nightmare.

Obama’s response after 2nd person tests positive for Ebola: Stay the course

A second person has tested positive for Ebola in Dallas. The new case had been providing care for the Liberian man who died from the virus. The CDC says the latest person to contract Ebola had worn a gown, gloves, mask and shield (but don’t worry, it’s still totally hard to catch).

President Obama’s plan of action remains simple: Stay the course:

But that was only after reporters were allowed to take pictures of Obama on the phone:

The photo op was put together so hastily Obama’s people forgot to put anything remotely resembling work on his desk.


Why isn’t there an Ebola vaccine? Well, lack of funding of course!

Having solved all other problems at the VA…

Veterans died on secret waiting lists? We’d better clean up the oceans!

I’m more convinced than ever that the government and their accomplices invented the global warming scare as a way to distract from their own incompetence when necessary. And to get rich, of course.


John Kerry is also focused like a laser on the oceans during this time of crisis in Iraq.

Vox explains why the majority of Americans are too stupid to grasp the awesomeness of Obamacare

Disapproval of Obamacare is now at almost 60 percent, but that’s only because people are too unenlightened, according to Ezra Klein’s new clown show Vox.com.

According to Vox, the millions who have received cancellation notices and premium increases, along with anybody who can see how the law is damaging the economy, are just too dumb to grasp the awesomeness of Obamacare:


Vox is like The Onion and Funny or Die all rolled into one — all sponsored by G.E., the corporation some at Vox used to bash. Perfect.

Speaking of the millions who received cancellation notices, they didn’t even warrant a mention in Vox’s Obamacare cheerleading session. Big surprise.

Loony Tunes Nancy Pelosi: Obamacare is what the Founding Fathers wanted for the American people

“If we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.” – Thomas Jefferson

The lack of lightning strikes when Crazy Nancy says things like this is seriously starting to challenge my faith in a benevolent God:

Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi emerged into the sunlight April 1 to applaud a rush of sign-ups for Obamacare, and immediately described it as the long-sought goal of Gen. George Washington and the nation’s Founding Fathers in 1787.

“It is really so heart warming for those of us who worked so hard [to make sure] many more people in our country would have access to healthcare,” she told reporters at the stakeout position just outside the West Wing portico.

“There are those critics, bumps in the road, but they’ve only been turbulence. They have not been an obstacle to the American people having healthier life that our that our founders wanted for them,” she said.

Those founders wanted “life — a healthier life — liberty and the freedom to pursue their happiness, not [be] job-locked, but having benefits that having health-care policies that are portable, they could be self-employed, be a photographer — they could start their own business, they could change jobs, they could reach their aspirations,” she declared.

The “freedom to not be job locked” appears in the Constitution?

Nancy Pelosi is crazier than a schizophrenic rat in a meth lab shithouse.

Pelosi: Repubs wasting time making Obamacare an election issue

I hope Stretch Pelosi’s fellow House Dems agree with her and run completely on the glory of Obamacare:


Nice try, Nancy. The Florida district that GOPer David Jolly won in Tuesday’s House race is so “historically Republican” that it went for Obama in 2008 and in 2012. Do voters there love Obamacare so much they accidentally voted for the wrong person?

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