Alternate title: Idiot former celebrity and alleged comedian manages to briefly draw attention to herself again: Many of the Palestinian people are jewish and became christian after Israel stole their land and homes. They were dark skinned, and so driven out of their homes by a cheney-ized Judeo Christian Bushite America. the jewish american socialists […]

Today, Obama wants us to celebrate “Kamehameha Day” and urges “all Americans to celebrate the rich heritage of Hawaii with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Where are my Don Ho records and Hawaii Five-O DVDs? HONOLULU (AP) — President Barack Obama is urging the nation to celebrate Kamehameha (kah-MAY-hah-may-hah) Day along with Hawaii. The nation’s first […]

Fox News has a story about a small printing company called Wilder Publications that has been putting the following disclaimer on copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other historical documents: If you can’t read the disclaimer, it says “This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values […]

We’re off soon to our local Memorial Day parade, but I wanted to send some words of appreciation to those who serve, have served, and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may remain free. I have a new post at Michelle’s site, partly about my cousin who was killed in […]

I’m of Irish descent, and as such am used to the traditional references about the Irish so this kind of stuff rolls off my back. But what I do find amazing is that ad agencies continue to fail to thoroughly think through some “jokes” they use in their ads. Maybe the fact that we Irish […]

The website TMZ is running a photo they claim has been examined and ruled authentic. The picture purports to have been taken in the mid 1950′s and shows JFK on a boat with a bunch of naked chicks: This part of the story oozes just enough Kennedy class to make me believe that the picture […]

In these waning hours as the Senate approaches a test vote for something they know is so popular that the vote will take place in the middle of the night just days before Christmas, the names of two Teddys keep coming up: Teddy Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt. President Obama loves to invoke historic Republicans in […]

A hearty “thank you” to all of you who have sacrificed for this country by performing the ultimate act of “community service.” You are appreciated. Michelle Malkin is reminding Veterans and active duty service members that they can get a free meal at Applebees today (my dad’s an Air Force vet so I hope he’s […]

The 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is being celebrated in Germany. Here is a 900 word Associated Press story about the celebration, and also information about what and who precipitated the fall. Guess who isn’t mentioned at all in the entire story? I’ll give you a hint — his last name […]

Twenty years ago, the Berlin Wall fell. It was a tremendous victory for freedom, and as such, on the 20th anniversary of that great day, President Obama… has better things to do: US President Barack Obama has shelved his plans to attend festivities marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Secretary […]

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