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Is This Week’s Episode of ‘Wonderland’ Sponsored By Bill Clinton?

You know those little animated graphics that pop up usually somewhere on the lower quarter of your TV screen during some shows? They’re called snipes and they can be sort of annoying sometimes. But they can also be pretty funny if the timing is just right.

ABC scored an accidental social media bullseye during Once Upon a Time last night. A pop-up animated graphic for the show’s Wonderland spin-off featured the White Rabbit making a magic portal in exactly the wrong spot — or the right one.

Fake trivia:

‘Happy Halloween’ Open Thread — Plus ‘How to Turn Trick-or-Treaters Into Conservatives’ Video

Only one of my three kids is still young enough to go trick-or-treating, and time is running out on that. So I’ll be out tonight with him enjoying one of the final go-rounds on the free candy trail — possibly confiscating a candy bar here and there for “safety check” purposes.

If you have a couple minutes, this video featuring Steven Crowder teaching trick-or-treaters all about redistributionism is worth it. Hopefully this is a lesson that stick so hard that their future college profs can’t knock it out of their heads:

(h/t Michelle)

Imagine if Bush Did This

In Ohio today, with Joe Biden busy elsewhere, President Obama decided to pick up some of the slack:


It was all part of Team Obama’s grand plan to win the votes of these people:




It was nice of Obama to take some of the gaffe load off Biden today, but I’m sure Plugs will be back at it tomorrow.