You know those little animated graphics that pop up usually somewhere on the lower quarter of your TV screen during some shows? They’re called snipes and they can be sort of annoying sometimes. But they can also be pretty funny if the timing is just right. ABC scored an accidental social media bullseye during Once […]

This conforms too closely to what’s actually going on to be considered parody. From Weasel Zippers via Sooper Mexican: The latest “shutdown” ridiculousness is this. By the way, the term “government shutdown” is kind of misleading. Update: This is exactly why the government fears an extended shutdown and is unnecessarily making it as painful for […]

It’s kind of funny and it has nothing to do with Syria or President Rambo McPeaceprize, so it’s a good way to kick off another week: More than likely Kirk was afraid he was going to have to see another Tribble. (video h/t RS McCain)

Our comrades at The People’s Cube have made a mockery of this with the following depiction of what it will look like if President Obama delivers another speech at Iwo Jima:

President Obama shot about nine percent on the basketball court yesterday. It was ugly. But that’s what MSM friends are for — because thanks to some help from O’s boot-lickers at NBC, footage of yesterday’s shootaround is now much more flattering to the president. NuthinButNet-Vision™ video by way of Ace of Spades:

Time for another “meet the people who cancel out your vote” video, this one by way of the Jimmy Kimmel show. As BigFurHat at IOwnTheWorld wrote, because this is California, we know these people are Obama voters — but at about the 2:40 mark you’ll meet an exceedingly honest one:

Below, video of a “Bad Lip Reading” of President Obama’s swearing in and inaugural speech. I like this version a lot better than the original. As a bonus at the end, footage of BeyoncĂ© having no choice but to to lip-sync along after discovering somebody swapped out her pre-recorded national anthem with something completely different: […]

Only one of my three kids is still young enough to go trick-or-treating, and time is running out on that. So I’ll be out tonight with him enjoying one of the final go-rounds on the free candy trail — possibly confiscating a candy bar here and there for “safety check” purposes. If you have a […]

It’s absolutely impossible to spoof MSNBC’s reaction (Chris Matthews in particular) to Obama’s debate debacle because the parody was self-contained in the original, but SNL tried, with results almost as funny as the original, but not nearly over-the-top and embarrassing enough: (h/t The Right Scoop)

In Ohio today, with Joe Biden busy elsewhere, President Obama decided to pick up some of the slack: It was all part of Team Obama’s grand plan to win the votes of these people: It was nice of Obama to take some of the gaffe load off Biden today, but I’m sure Plugs will be […]

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