Socialists, communists, anarchists, nihilists, and all manner of freeloaders have been whining lately about “economic violence.” Here’s one example: #EconomicViolence is having to work 40 hours to access food, clothing, and shelter. Quote by @lolaElla — Suey (@suey_park) January 10, 2014 Not to be Captain Obvious, but apparently his presence is required: If housing […]

“I left my Thorazine at home again!” There’s no reason prog insanity shouldn’t be entertaining: U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who has decried the failure of Congress to extend unemployment benefits before its December recess, is talking about changing the vocabulary of assistance. In a speech Jan. 8 on the House of Representatives floor, Jackson […]

Just when I feel confident about the position I’ve taken on an issue, along comes Al Sharpton to let me know I’ve chosen wisely: That’s not a lab coat Sharpton’s wearing — it’s a lace-less straight jacket. “Just because it snows in winter doesn’t mean the planet isn’t getting warmer.” Remember that in a few […]

“Muphry’s Law” on parade courtesy of a Media Matters “research fellow”: i hate conservatism, its so dumb. — Oliver Willis (@owillis) May 18, 2013 Only right wingnut morons would put an apostrophe somewhere in there.

At the end of a short article at Mediaite by Andrew Kirell entitled “President Obama is not the same as Mitt Romney on gay marriage,” there’s this gem: The distinction is clear: Obama is (perhaps ironically?) opposed to using the government to impose his views — however slippery they may be — onto everyone else. […]

My guess is that Martin Bashir only has a job at MSNBC in order to help make Al Sharpton look like a genius by comparison: On his Monday MSNBC program, just a week after condemning former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to hell based on the Book of Mormon, afternoon host Martin Bashir cited a column […]

I put this on Twitter yesterday but it’s too blogworthy not to post here: ***** The protest is against the construction of a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings that would replace the Metrodome, which has apparently been eaten. A “pro-stadium construction” argument that might win that person over is “You can’t eat footballs, but […]

It’s a good thing the authorities already have a suspect in mind, or else somebody might have blamed this on those darn Teabaggers (if they haven’t anyway). As a matter of fact, the truth could be in the opposite direction: ABC News has learned authorities are increasingly concerned that a man sought in connection with […]

In the upcoming election, in order to see which words in the English language will have a racist connotation, simply open the dictionary and look at all of them, because everything that is said in reference to Obama will be racist. Even the word “break”: Ed Schultz, host of MSNBC’s the Ed Show, believes that […]

This is a day or two old, but it’s still worth mocking. I think what makes this the most frightening is that she doesn’t look as if she’s joking… not even a little bit: Surprisingly, the CIA took Behar’s advice and gave Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a $6 million book deal instead of harsh interrogations. Here’s […]

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