Ha! At least ABC News’ election meddling roundtable featured somebody with actual experience

She should sit this one out, but the MSM won’t let her.

Why the mainstream media lost credibility long ago, part 3,538: ABC News’ panel talking about election meddling featured the notorious question leaker Donna Brazile:

Well, Brazile certainly has some experience in that area, that’s for sure! Flashback:

Donna should really sit this one out, but apparently the MSM isn’t going to let her.

NBC News bombshell: Trump’s golf course in Scotland loses money like many other courses, meaning Putin might be giving him money to maintain it, or something

If not standing up to Putin means you’re receiving $$ from him, how much did Obama get?

For my money the funniest part of this NBC News report about Trump losing money on his golf club in Scotland is that it’s about 8 minutes long and they wait until the last 15 seconds to point out that golf course owners rarely profit from their properties. But whatever it takes to help the Democrats keep life in their Russia narrative:

That story — the entire thing — is based on one golf writer’s claim four years ago that Eric Trump told him the family gets from Russia some of the money for courses they buy, which Trump has denied.

Top Dem “Russia collusion” conspiracy theorist Rep. Adam Schiff picked up on NBC’s report quickly, of course:

If not standing up to Putin means you’re receiving $$ from Russia, how much did Obama get?

ABC News: Roses of truth couldn’t bloom in the Trump era if the media didn’t fertilize them with BS

I’m going to be in Chicago until about Monday for part convention and part vacation, but before leaving I wanted to put the MSM in a gunny sack and whip it with willow switches one last time…

“Why people have grown to loathe the mainstream media,” part XXXIV:

The Trump administration last year “lost” nearly 1,500 migrant children whom a government agency placed with U.S. sponsors.

Shocking news, but it wasn’t true.

But it was enough to outrage politicians, stir up journalists and make the public ask questions. Chasing this misleading story, however, helped uncover a story that many found even more troubling. And this one was real.

“We make stuff up to damage Trump… and here’s how it helps YOU in the long run!”

There aren’t enough adjectives for what the “media” has become:

Weird, but I don’t remember seeing any MSM stories titled “We lied about what the Obama administration was doing but it helped expose a real crisis” stories during the previous presidency.

Keep discrediting yourselves, MSM! Actually, I’m not sure there’s any credibility left to ruin.

CNN’s resident drama queen and chief Resistance reporter Jim Acosta pledges to shout at the devil even if Trump sends him to hell

Jim Acosta is among many in the DC journo pack who woke up on January 20th, 2017 very refreshed thanks to their 8-year slumber and were ready to go back to work. CNN’s chief White House correspondent is among then, and he’s now quite proud of his shouted questions, and will continue to do so. For my money, nothing screams “objectivity” like comparing the president you’re covering to Mephistopheles and helping feed the Left’s TDS:

Defending his tactic of shouting questions while reporting, CNN’s Jim Acosta said he’s simply doing his job.

In an appearance Sunday with Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources, Acosta explained that not every event at which the press appears has a built-in opportunity to ask questions, so he’s forced to make his own.

“It’s not like we barge into the Oval Office or barge into the Easter egg roll and start shouting questions,” he told Stelter. “What people don’t understand is that typically at the end of these pool opportunities…where we go in and talk to the president or he has an event, we wait until the very end of the bill signing or the event or whatever he has and he says, ‘Ok, thanks, guys.’ Then we’ll go in and ask our questions.”

Acosta said he usually follows that procedure, adding that “if they’re not going to take our questions we have to find opportunities to ask those questions.”

“Listen, if they want to send me to hell, I’ll still be shouting at the devil, is the way I look at it,” he said. “We have a job to do. I’ve said this times before and I’ll say it again. They can kick us out of the briefing room, they can kick us out of the White House. We’re still going to do our jobs.”

Acosta’s really taking his “shushing” hard, but it was so hilarious it’s worth another look:

The totally unbiased mainstream Resistance media’s really hoping a Democrat gets elected in 2020 so they can take another few years off.

Here’s why ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar thinks the U.S. is now a dictatorship

Idiocracy weighs in on dictatorship.

Joy Behar of “The View,” a show that I’d compare to root canal except it would be an unfair slam on my dentist, seems unclear on the concept of elections:

“Many people are reeling” from this announcement, Whoopi began, before playing a clip of President Trump telling supporters at a North Dakota rally last night that he needed to appoint more Republican judges. That sent the table into an uproar.

“Yeah. Let’s have everybody a Republican. The Supreme Court, the Congress, the presidency!” Joy Behar raged. “What is that called? Dictatorship I believe!” she said in disgust.

And what is “The View” called? Idiocracy I believe!

There isn’t even enough brain power in Behar’s statement to power a 2-watt night light for a split second.

Because they care: MSNBC panelists have a good laugh imagining a tanking economy bringing down Trump

THIS is who they are.

Remember, these are the people who know what’s best for your life so just trust them that a good ol’ economic crash is necessary in order to “help” you escape the grip of Trump:

Think about it — these progs (and others) hate Trump so much they’d rather your family be worse off than face up to their own TDS psychosis. But at least the Republicans have mounting ad material.

Peak 2018 ‘journalism’: Politico runs article from Trump adviser’s 3rd grade classmate about what a wall-loving, glue-addicted doodie head he was


Frankly I don’t understand how The Onion is still even in business what with all the capable and stiff competition from the media since Trump took office. Case-in-point: Politico gave major space to somebody who sat next to Trump adviser Stephen Miller in the 3rd grade for this blockbuster report:

The MSM was largely incurious about many details of Barack Obama’s life, but dammit we’re going to find out if a Trump adviser ate paste in elementary school!

Basically Miller’s classmate is saying “I should have seen ‘the wall’ coming”:

Each time a new outrage emerges in the saga of Stephen Miller—author of the Muslim ban and chief architect of the child separation policy—I think of the year I spent with him. This was long before Miller, a senior adviser to the president, had earned a reputation as perhaps the cruelest and most ruthless member of the Trump administration.

It was the year he sat next to me in third grade.

At this point I had trouble continuing due to all the coffee I spit all over my laptop screen, but I soldiered on in the face of laughing so hard I might wet myself:

He especially was obsessed with tape and glue. Along the midpoint of our desk, Stephen laid down a piece of white masking tape, explaining that it marked the boundary of our sides and that I was not to cross it. The formality of this struck me as odd. I was a fairly neat kid, at least at school, and I had never spread my things to his side of the desk. Stephen, meanwhile, could not have been much messier: His side of the desk was sticky and peeling, littered with scraps of paper, misshapen erasers and pencil nubs.

If this adhesive division kept Stephen on his side of the desk, I was all for it, as unfriendly as it seemed. But instead, the tape became an attractive nuisance. Stephen picked at it with his fingernails, methodically, in a mixture of absentmindedness and what seemed like channeled hostility.

Good God, the author of this article was sitting next to sticky mini-Hitler and yet did nothing (which of course we know is all that needs to be done in order for evil to prevail).

This passage should be parlayed into a soft-core porn film titled “Fifty Shades of Paste”:

When Stephen wasn’t picking at the tape, he was playing with glue. He liked to pour it into his hands, forming grime-tinted glaciers in the valleys of his palms. Glue thusly in hand, he deployed his deepest powers of concentration to watch these pools harden. The first sign would be a rippling on the surface, as if from a winter gale. This would produce a precarious moment—as Stephen’s urge to stick a finger into the filmy layer became palpable, and his immobilized palm began to tire. Invariably, Stephen succumbed to this urge before the glue fully hardened, at which point the prior game transformed into a new one, the game of spreading still-viscous glue across the remainder of his hand.

Holy s**t, as a guy who also had a glue fetish in elementary school, I need a f***in’ cigarette after reading that!

If you’re still awake, here comes the part about how America ended up with a president bent on building a border wall:

What to make of this now, 25 years later? We were all grimy kids at some point, of course, with sticky hands and short attention spans. But it is at least poetic that Stephen was bent on building a nonsensical wall even back then, a wall that had more to do with what lay inside him than with what lay beyond. He thought he was trying to keep out the chaos of the world, when really he was looking for a way to explain away the chaos on his own side of the desk. For that was where chaos had always been.

That whole article, especially the last couple sentences above, are even better if you read them to yourself in the voice of Boris Karloff narrating “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” The only thing missing at the end was, “And Miller’s already small heart shrank three more sizes that day…”

The story’s a total joke, and yet somehow I’m thinking that in the Trump era this Politico piece might get nominated for a Pulitzer.

About Time Mag’s symbol of the Trump admin’s parent/child separation policy…

“Journalism” has never been as big of a joke as it is RIGHT NOW.

It all started with Time Magazine turning a photo of a little girl crying at the border into a symbol of a border policy that’s been going on for years that the newly awakened media is blaming the current administration for:

Not that the mainstream media will give a s**t, but according to the Daily Mail, it was just another manufactured moment on the part of Time Mag (via Twitchy):

Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, 32, said that he had not heard from his wife Sandra, 32, who was with his two-year-old daughter Yanela Denise, for nearly three weeks until he saw the image of them being apprehended in Texas.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, Hernandez, who lives in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, says that he was told yesterday that his wife and child are being detained at a family residential center in Texas but are together and are doing ‘fine.’

‘You can imagine how I felt when I saw that photo of my daughter. It broke my heart. It’s difficult as a father to see that, but I know now that they are not in danger. They are safer now than when they were making that journey to the border,’ he said.

Denis said his wife and daughter were never separated by border control agents and remain together.

Another media total embarrassment? Yep.

So — the people weren’t fleeing violence and the child wasn’t separated from her parent. Other than that, you totally nailed the facts, Time Magazine!

The MSM will be quick to clarify all their hyperventilating stories about this, right? Of course not. Contrary to the NY Times and CNN’s new slogans, the facts matter less than ever.

I worked in local media for 20 years and have spent the last six years observing the media scene full time, and I can safely say “journalism” has never been anywhere near as big of a joke as it is right now. But you knew that already.

Stammer-time! Dem Sen. Tammy Baldwin gets asked if she criticized these same detention facilities when Obama was president

Cat got your tongue, senator?

Hey, I’ve got to hand it to CNN for a change, because Brooke Baldwin really blindsided Dem Sen. Baldwin of Wisconsin with this question:

You could almost see smoke coming off Sen. Baldwin’s head while her brain short-circuited for several seconds. “The MSM’s not supposed to be challenging Democrats on this… what’s going on!?”

Here’s Sen. Baldwin’s reaction to that question condensed into six seconds:

Irony alert! Hey look, those evil Big Banks stopped Obama admin’s shady attempt to save the Iran Deal

The Obama administration already sent one giant pallet of cash to Iran to grease them up for agreement on Obama/Kerry’s precious Iran Deal, but apparently that wasn’t quite enough, so another underhanded scheme was developed to sweeten the deal for the Ayatollah:

After striking an elusive nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration found itself in a quandary in early 2016: Iran had been promised access to its long-frozen overseas reserves, including $5.7 billion stuck in an Omani bank.

To spend it, Iran wanted to convert the money into U.S. dollars and then euros, but top U.S. officials had repeatedly promised Congress that Iran would never gain access to America’s financial system.

Those assurances notwithstanding, the Obama administration secretly issued a license to let Iran sidestep U.S. sanctions for the brief moment required to convert the funds through an American bank, an investigation by Senate Republicans released Wednesday showed. The plan failed when two U.S. banks refused to participate.

And guess what — those evil Big Banks that Obama and the Dems slammed incessantly helped put a stop to it:

The Treasury Department license, issued in February 2016 and never disclosed, would have allowed Iran to convert $5.7 billion it held at Oman’s Bank of Muscat from Omani rials into euros by exchanging them first into dollars. If the Omani bank had allowed the exchange without such a license, it would have violated sanctions that bar Iran from transactions that touch the U.S. financial system.

The situation resulted from the fact that Iran had stored billions in Omani rials, a currency that’s notoriously hard to convert. The U.S. dollar is the world’s dominant currency, so allowing it to be used as a conversion instrument for Iranian assets was the easiest and most efficient way to speed up Iran’s access to its own funds.

“Yikes,” one former Treasury official told colleagues in an email, as described by the report. “It looks like we committed to a whole lot beyond just allowing the immobilized funds to settle out.”

The Obama administration approached two U.S. banks to facilitate the conversion, the report said, but both refused, citing the reputational risk of doing business with or for Iran.

So there’s yet another reason for Obama-loving Dems to hate Big Banks.