Hillary didn’t give as terrible a non-answer to the question as Debbie Wasserman Schultz did when she was asked the same question, but she still didn’t answer the question — because she couldn’t be honest about it: If she of “shared prosperity” isn’t a Socialist, who is? That’s why Hillary didn’t want to examine that […]

After a bunch of lefties assumed a mosque fire in Houston was because of anti-Muslim backlash, this stopped them dead in their tracks: Christmas Day Fire At Houston Mosque Was Set By Devout Attendee: https://t.co/b2nMeSrxhh pic.twitter.com/g7IlfJUw1Y — The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) December 30, 2015 This is the sound of liberal talking points going down the […]

Take that, Donald! Went to Trump Tower & held a sign til the cops came. Then wrote Trump a letter. Here it is: https://t.co/aszRoizZuZ pic.twitter.com/qMy3ZuHOhy — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) December 17, 2015 Trump should go stand outside Moore’s NYC apartment building holding a sign that says “but we aren’t all anti-capitalist millionaires with multiple homes.” […]

Actual L.A. Times headline about six men who were killed while attacking Jews in and around Israel: 6 Palestinians dead as violence grips Gaza, Jerusalem You’d have a hard time finding a more pathetic attempt to turn the attackers into the victims. “19 Middle Easterners among those killed in US plane crashes” — L.A. Times […]

In spite of an ongoing FBI investigation and other troubles, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is still moving forward, and the mainstream media are happy to pounce on anything that might help: Hillary to MSM: Jump for me. MSM to Hillary: Look up here… HI!

Does anybody else besides The People’s Cube see anything extra ironic about pro-amnesty Univision anchor Jorge Ramos trying to jump ahead in line and speak out of turn at a political presser? Or maybe it was all part of the grand stage show — who knows. I’m not a “Trump for President” guy, but this […]

The videos showing Planned Parenthood reps talking about selling harvested baby organs were quickly dismissed by Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the rest as heavily edited and misleading. The extremists behind the smear videos tried to entrap doctors to say things AND highly edited the videos. Don't trust them. #TrustWomen — Planned Parenthood (@PPact) July 26, […]

President Obama gets halos from the Associated Press, but for now Hillary Clinton will have to settle for this image that’s more like looking through Wes Craven’s camera lens than a political candidate: View it in all its glory here, but don’t look directly at the photo until you’ve stored your soul in a safe, […]

This should keep me laughing through the weekend: That’s not a serious economic prediction or diagnosis, but rather a cry for help. Krugman’s weekly column at the New York Times is called “Hotsky to Trotsky” and never fails to deliver the comedy.

This was inevitable, I suppose. (h/t: Email from Richard C.)

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