This is the title of a story at that many global warmist Gore-bots are pointing to: 10,883 out of 10,885 scientific articles agree: Global warming is happening, and humans are to blame 10,883 out of 10,885 studies agree with Al Gore? Wow, that’s a lot. From the article: Powell went through every scientific study […]

CNN has had a lot of people dumping on their ridiculously over-blown coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, but credit where credit is due: Their science is solid: This. Is CNN. (h/t email from reader and frustrated Atlanta Falcons fan Richard C.)

Ran across this a few days ago and it’s still cracking me up: So I guess if Romney is elected we can get ready for a new cold war with Russia. #justwhatweneed — Arianna Huffington (@ariannahuff) August 31, 2012 Self-assured liberals always know best. And this one’s self-explanatory: Congratulations to US President-elect Barack Obama — […]

Setup: About 900k people signed up using Obamacare exchanges in Feb, down from 1.14 million in Jan. — Aaron Blake (@AaronBlakeWP) March 11, 2014 Punchline, via White House Obamacare flack Tara McGuinniss: .@AaronBlakeWP @washingtonpost there are fewer days in January than February. — Tara McGuinness (@HealthCareTara) March 11, 2014 Huh? That only holds true […]

As it turns out, you can’t wrongly infer that every gun owner in America is complicit in murder every time some monster shoots up a school or shopping mall and maintain any kind of ratings: Piers Morgan’s prime-time talk show has been cancelled with the journalist admitting the audience in the United States is getting […]

Sign spotted near a dining area close to the site of the Olympic Games: Sign near front door where media breakfast served in my coastal cluster hotel: Sure looks like t/ dog we call Sausage — Jo-Ann Barnas (@JoAnnBarnas) February 4, 2014 Is the chef expecting a visit from President Obama? I kid! I […]

During a discussion about Dylan Farrow’s account of what she says Woody Allen did to her when she was seven years old, Barbara Walters gave such an impassioned defense of Allen that he might want to think about hiring her as his lawyer: This is from a 1976 People Magazine interview with Woody Allen: He […]

The mainstream media can be so embarrassing — even dangerous sometimes. A basic gun safety rule is “always handle the gun as if it’s loaded.” So with that in mind, ABC News decided to let kids find guns they said were unloaded and even look down the barrel: SAWYER: We took a group of kids […]

Just when I feel confident about the position I’ve taken on an issue, along comes Al Sharpton to let me know I’ve chosen wisely: That’s not a lab coat Sharpton’s wearing — it’s a lace-less straight jacket. “Just because it snows in winter doesn’t mean the planet isn’t getting warmer.” Remember that in a few […]

Watch this video from Fox News on a bitter cold evening in many parts, then imagine MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz having the same conversation: No further comment necessary. (h/t Mediaite)

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