Bill Clinton: Hey, I was victimized by Bill Clinton too!

Bill’s the kind of guy who would punch you in the face and then later criticize you for not praising his support for ice packs.

Bill Clinton’s doing interviews to promote a novel he co-authored with James Patterson, but during a line of questioning on the “Today Show,” Bubba was asked about Monica Lewinsky. This answer from Bill is such vintage Clinton that it should be bottled and stored in a wine cellar:

Bill “left the presidency $16 million in debt” as a result of all that. He was a victim too, y’all — and cigars ain’t cheap! Wow, the cojones on that answer were big even by Bill Clinton standards.

And how about Clinton’s “I hired more women than everybody else” retort? I don’t think that’s quite the defense he thinks it is.

Seriously, this guy still got it (and by “it” I mean ZERO sense of shame):

And Bill’s buddy Harvey Weinstein heartily agrees!

Bill Clinton’s the kind of guy who would punch you in the face and then later criticize you for not praising his support for ice packs.

Helpful! Maureen Dowd sums up Obama perfectly

And liberals call TRUMP the totalitarian wannabe?

In Maureen Dowd’s new column in the New York Times, titled “Obama, just too good for us,” revolves around Ben Rhodes’ upcoming book, we find this:

Obama did not like persuading people to do what they didn’t want to do. And that is the definition of politics. He wanted them simply to do what he had ascertained to be right.

You know, Dowd isn’t wrong about Obama, though I’m sure she intended that as a compliment. He much preferred force over persuasion, as his administration’s track record proves. Team Obama would even gladly punch nuns in the face if they weren’t falling in line:

Also, how many new regulations did the president who “did not like persuading people to do what they didn’t want to do” enact to strong arm the private sector?

Obama wanted people “simply to do what he had ascertained to be right” — and the liberal Resistance calls TRUMP the totalitarian wannabe?

CNN’s Jim Acosta had a different opinion of celebs advising the president a couple years ago

CNN’s White House reporter and biased showboat Jim Acosta had a moment about Kim Kardashian visiting President Trump to discuss prison reform:

This totally will NOT shock you, but when Obama was president, Acosta had a completely different take on celebrities advising the president on issues outside their areas of expertise:

What a hack. Nobody who has a shred of shame could take a swipe at Trump meeting with a celebrity after Obama turned the White House into Hollywood East for eight years.

WHAT media bias? Totally objective ‘journalists’ fail to mention when these photos were taken

“Why so many people are skeptical of the media,” People’s Exhibit #3,403:

A former Obama administration official, liberal activists and journalists incorrectly shared pictures of children sleeping in enclosed cages from 2014 to take a swipe at the Trump administration and its zero-tolerance policy towards parents and children crossing the border illegally.

It turns out the photographs were published by The Arizona Republic in 2014 after the authorities detained over 1,000 children who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally and placed them in a detention facility. The Daily Calller first reported on the error.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted one of the pictures showing kids in one of the enclosures, criticized the government for neglecting the children.

“This is happening right now, and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible,” Favreau reportedly said before deleting the tweet.

Many “journalists” and other libs shared this photo without mentioning it was from 2014:

It got so bad the original source of the story had to put out a reminder:

And the media wonder why they rank somewhere between Hillary Clinton and Mr. Haney from Green Acres when it comes to trustworthiness?

There was another picture from the Obama-era getting passed around by the lib media as evidence of Trump’s awfulness:

And that picture is from 2016 (and the buses were used to take kids on field trips not to detention centers), but was shared by many so-called journalists who didn’t mention it wasn’t a recent photo. But AT LONG LAST liberals and the media get critical of the Obama administration — though many of them don’t even realize it.

USA Today examines ‘less lethal’ guns used in school shooting that left 10 dead

The mainstream media seems so baffled an AR-15 wasn’t used that they actually spinning it as “imagine how bad it COULD have been!”

When 10 people get killed by a gunman who didn’t use an AR-15 but instead used a shotgun and a handgun, we get stuff like this from USA Today:

Yep, this is the headline: Guns used in Texas killings were less lethal than in other mass shootings.

The attack at a Texas high school Friday echoed the all-too-familiar horrors Americans are accustomed to seeing on the news. But two details set it apart from the list of other recent deadly attacks: explosives and weapons used.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas says the gunman, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, who was a student at Santa Fe High School, used two firearms: a shotgun and .38 caliber revolver, both of which he got from his father. Ten were left dead, mostly students.

Disgustingly, the mainstream media seems so disappointed an AR-15 wasn’t used that they actually spinning 10 dead students as “but imagine how bad it COULD have been!”

No word from USA Today on if the guns used in the shooting were the kind that can accommodate the notorious “chainsaw bayonet” accessory:

When the media tries to pretend they know what they’re talking about when it comes to guns, the self-beclownings are quite a treat.

(h/t Twitchy)

What Trump said about these criminal illegals vs. what NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell SAYS he said

What Trump said:

What NBC News’ intrepid miner for truth Andrea Mitchell translated that to while explaining Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown’s criticism:

“MS-13” becomes “people trying to get into the country.” — WHAT media bias!?

And to think the mainstream media actually sit around at night scratching their heads wondering why nobody trusts them.

New York Daily News plunges depths of ‘journalism’ to scrape up in-kind donation to Trump’s re-election campaign

Another in-kind donation to the Trump re-election campaign.

The other day, a professor of political science at the University of Virginia had an op-ed in the New York Times in which he warned other liberals who are among the venomous anti-Trump Resistance that their foaming-at-the-mouth approach would be wildly counterproductive if they don’t dial it back very soon.

Right on cue, I give you the New York Daily News’ take on protests in Gaza that got violent while Israel and the U.S. were dedicating the United States’ new embassy in Jerusalem:

Damn, they must have had to borrow James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger to be able to sink that low.

The only thing that remains to be seen now is if Trump will be required to report that steaming pile of garbage “journalism” to the FEC as an in-kind donation to his re-election campaign.

Time to play ‘guess what CNN’s headline would be if it was something bad about Trump instead of Obama?’

Spin mode ACTIVATE!

Israeli intelligence operatives who entered Iran found, and left the country with, tens of thousands of documents showing how Iran was working in secret to develop nukes, and lied about their intentions, all while the Obama administration spiked the ball over the Iran deal. CNN framed it this way:

Immediately it’s Netanyahu on the defense? CNN must hand out Dramamine by the handful to keep from getting nauseous from the spin.

Here’s what CNN’s headline would have been if the info made the current U.S. president look like a fool: “Israeli PM’s Comprehensive & Devastating Presentation Proves Trump Got Suckered By Iran.” But instead it makes the Obama administration look like clowns, so we basically get, “Israel steals Iranian state secrets containing questionable information, Netanyahu pounces!”

On MSNBC today, Benjamin Netanyahu did a good job of shooting down all the kneejerk reaction from Obama fans claiming the info in the half-ton trove of material Israeli intelligence swiped from Iran was “nothing new” (video via Hot Air):

NICE try: CNN’s chief Resistance reporter has newfound concern about WHCD, ends up making Trump’s point

The MSM has created its reputation — not Trump.

Last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner was again not attended by President Trump, and since January 20th, 2017 the event has been re-branded to be a brave stand for the First Amendment:

Try having a “celebrating the Second Amendment” dinner and those same people will accuse you of being complicit in mass murder, but I digress.

The headlining “comedian” at the WHCD, who frankly I’d never heard of, was fairly awful (the whole monologue is here if you can take it). For me one of the funniest jokes told wasn’t even during the dinner, but rather it came from CNN’s Jim Acosta, who from the drama queen nature of his rhetoric seems to fancy himself America’s version of Tiananmen Square’s “tank man,” except he believes he’s standing between the First Amendment and Trump wielding a paper shredder. Get a load of this selective concern and self-victimization:

The president of the White House Correspondents Association is equally concerned:

Those two people alone help explain why so many people have turned on the mainstream media, and he just doesn’t get it. Call it SOFATT — Sudden Onset First Amendment Trump Triggering. Where were so many of these media tools when this was happening under Obama?

  • DOJ spied on James Rosen.
  • AP phone records seized.
  • Tried to throw the NY Times’ James Rosen in jail.
  • Set a record for using the Espionage Act to go after journos & their sources over info damaging to the administration.
  • The last people to be taken seriously are the lefty media types who are panicking about things Trump hasn’t even done other than mock them (for obvious reasons) after they spent eight years giggling like schoolgirls at Barack Obama while he did all of the above and then some. The MSM has created its reputation — not Trump.