The mainstream media can be so embarrassing — even dangerous sometimes. A basic gun safety rule is “always handle the gun as if it’s loaded.” So with that in mind, ABC News decided to let kids find guns they said were unloaded and even look down the barrel: SAWYER: We took a group of kids […]

Just when I feel confident about the position I’ve taken on an issue, along comes Al Sharpton to let me know I’ve chosen wisely: That’s not a lab coat Sharpton’s wearing — it’s a lace-less straight jacket. “Just because it snows in winter doesn’t mean the planet isn’t getting warmer.” Remember that in a few […]

Watch this video from Fox News on a bitter cold evening in many parts, then imagine MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz having the same conversation: No further comment necessary. (h/t Mediaite)

Dr. Nancy Snyderman is NBC’s chief medical editor, and this morning she said she made her kids sign up for Obamacare because it’s their “patriotic duty.”: Did she also make them buy solar panels from Solyndra for the same reason? Ordering your kids to drink the Kool Aid is neither “patriotism” or good parenting.

Matt Cover over at Rare spotted this first, and it’s an Associated Press gem. Why does communism fail time and time again? Look at the AP’s spin: HAHAHAHA! “Lack of customers.” “Lack of customers” is also the reason shop owners in North Korea don’t have condos in Boca and will be sent to a labor […]

Have you ever wondered that because Phil Robertson thinks homosexuality is a sin, that he himself might be kinda-sorta gay for professing such a strong love for Jesus? Me neither, but we can always count on MSNBC for venturing into this kind of absurd territory. Transcript and video of Michael Eric Dyson with Joy Reid […]

Pay attention, Oprah: That was pretty much an unfunny ripoff of Chris Rock’s “How to not get your ass kicked by the police”:

Do you find it as funny as I do that A&E could lose the most lucrative, highest rated non-fiction cable series of all time just because they were in a rush to appease people who don’t even watch the show? Also, any “boycott” of the show’s advertisers isn’t going to work because companies like Under […]

Megyn Kelly said that people needed to grow a sense of humor about her Santa comments, and sure enough, MSNBC’s Touré took her up on it: MSNBC continues to be the home of unwatchable comedy.

This is not something I’d be proud to say in public, but Chris Matthews seems happy to brag about it: “Don’t you regret that you solemnized the marriage between the responsible Republican Party of John McCain and Sarah Palin?” Matthews asked. As one of John McCain’s lead advisers in 2008, Schmidt was integral in the […]

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