Dumbest pitch for socialism ever? You decide (and no, it’s not from Ocasio-Cortez)

Simply amazing

A professor of political science at Brooklyn College has penned one of the most unintentionally comical articles in recent memory. It seems Corey Robin is down with socialism, and his New York Times op-ed spells out why in spectacularly idiotic fashion:

The socialist argument against capitalism isn’t that it makes us poor. It’s that it makes us unfree. When my well-being depends upon your whim, when the basic needs of life compel submission to the market and subjugation at work, we live not in freedom but in domination. Socialists want to end that domination: to establish freedom from rule by the boss, from the need to smile for the sake of a sale, from the obligation to sell for the sake of survival.

The “professor” obviously has never cracked a history book in his entire life. Parents, if you’re sending your kids to Brooklyn College you’re paying idiots to fill their heads with BS.

And I can’t believe a human being actually wrote these words without spontaneously combusting:

For liberals, these are policies to alleviate economic misery. For socialists, these are measures of emancipation, liberating men and women from the tyranny of the market and autocracy at work. Back in the 1930s, it was said that liberalism was freedom plus groceries. The socialist, by contrast, believes that making things free makes people free.

Hey, with the exception of all the people forced to labor to provide all the free goods and services for socialist utopia-seeking ne’er-do-wells, he NAILED IT. Good lord, how is anybody that clueless?

Probably the most depressing thing that speaks volumes is how many positive comments there were to that dream world floater disguised as serious thought.

What makes this incredibly ironic is that his “free stuff is freedom” argument is behind the New York Times paywall. What would Marx do?

While the media was busy slamming Trump, lefty rock star Ocasio-Cortez banned them from a town hall so her constituents would ‘feel safe’

AOC’s response almost sounds like she’s saying the media’s the “enemy of the people.”

This week the press has probably been too preoccupied with teaming up nationwide to slam Trump over calling the media the “enemy of the people” and “fake news” to notice that the left’s newest darling doesn’t always embrace them either:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Monday that stops on her “listening tour” throughout the district, like the one held a day earlier in Corona, are “intended for lively, compassionate discourse with a diversity of viewpoints.”

According to the Democratic nominee in the 14th Congressional District, she and the dozens of area residents who attended the event “talked about race, immigration, healthcare, disability rights and housing.”

But unless you were in the room on Sunday, you won’t know what specific community problems were mentioned or how Ocasio-Cortez planned to address them once she is sworn in.

That’s because her campaign banned members of the media from attending the event, which was otherwise open to the public.

Ocasio-Cortez explained later the move was made so her constituents attending could “feel safe”:

Wow, it almost sounds as if she’s saying the press is the “enemy of the people”!

Over 100 newspapers try to prove Trump’s wrong to accuse MSM of bias by coordinating simultaneous publication of anti-Trump editorials

They’re making a point, but not the one they think

Remember when the mainstream media nearly passed out from hyperventilation after Sinclair was discovered to have distributed a script to all its stations for a PSA about their commitment to the truth in their newscasts?

Media coordination is bad when a more conservative outlet does it within their own group, but when the liberal media does something similar and it’s anti-Trump, then that’s something to be celebrated:

These people owe Sinclair an apology for all the criticism, and what Sinclair did was within its own organization (and not uncommon in broadcast groups), not throughout a cross-section of unaffiliated outlets. But yet here we are:

“The dirty war on the free press must end.”

That’s the idea behind an unusual editorial-writing initiative that has enlisted scores of newspapers across America.

The Boston Globe has been contacting newspaper editorial boards and proposing a “coordinated response” to President Trump’s escalating “enemy of the people” rhetoric.

“We propose to publish an editorial on August 16 on the dangers of the administration’s assault on the press and ask others to commit to publishing their own editorials on the same date,” The Globe said in its pitch to fellow papers.

The effort began just a few days ago.

As of Saturday, “we have more than 100 publications signed up, and I expect that number to grow in the coming days,” Marjorie Pritchard, the Globe’s deputy editorial page editor, told CNN.

I didn’t always completely despise the mainstream media. Hell, I spent 20 years working for a broadcast company at a CBS affiliate, and at a local level news stations are still usually reliable sources of information. But nationally, to a great degree, “journalism” in the mainstream media has become an embarrassment and a bad joke. And you know what’s even sadder? Many “journalists” don’t see it, and if they do, they blame the news consumer — you. But don’t take my word for it, here’s a CNN reporter saying just that:

Basically the mainstream media thinks you’re dumb and that’s why you don’t believe everything they say.

I hate to break the news to her, but if there was a concerted effort to teach kids in school how to spot BS, trust in the media would get a lot worse, not better.

CNN’s Jim Acosta goes on national late night comedy show to tell America he ‘doesn’t want to be the story’

The equivalent of saying you wish you weren’t the center of attention while singing “I Gotta Be Me” naked in Times Square.

This is the most self-contained overdose of irony I’ve seen in quite a while:

That’s the equivalent of saying you wish you weren’t the center of attention while singing “I Gotta Be Me” naked in Times Square.

Acosta also got his inner Stuart Smalley on:

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, the anti-Trump Resistance likes me.”

Godfather of Fake News Dan Rather defends honor of MSM ‘truth’ against Trump attack

The king of “you should really sit this one out” strikes again.

Confirmed: Dan Rather’s self-awareness remains pictured on the side of a milk carton below the words “MISSING.”

The king of “you should really sit this one out” is strikes again:

Maybe Rather can help jog my memory — what was he fired from CBS News for again?

What’s next? Michael Moore telling Trump it looks like he’s putting on a little weight?

Offended journalists score victory for free speech, shame museum dedicated to 1st Amendment into removing ‘Fake News’ t-shirts from store

Our guardians of the First Amendment support free speech, with strict limits.

After it was discovered that the Newseum was selling “Fake News” t-shirts at the museum gift shop and its online store, many “journalists” — and I use the term in quotes because many are nothing more than activists shilling for the Democratic Party — were enormously offended:

Many “journalists” then unwittingly went about setting a new record for irony:

The Newseum in Washington DC, a monument to journalism and the First Amendment, has removed from its gift shop shirts emblazoned with the phrase “Fake News,” saying stocking the items was a “mistake.”

The museum pulled the shirts and issued an apology on Saturday — a day after criticism erupted from both the public and journalists for selling a shirt with a catchphrase used by President Donald Trump to disparage the media. Trump repeatedly calls journalists “the enemy of the people.”

“We made a mistake and we apologize. A free press is an essential part of our democracy and journalists are not the enemy of the people,” the statement read.

The mainstream media can now celebrate their victory for the First Amendment! They support the idea of “free speech,” but with clearly drawn boundaries that must not be crossed.

And it won’t end there. Here’s a journalism professor:

Over to you, mainstream media guardians of the First Amendment. Assemble the free speech police mob again!

THIS will convince America there’s no media bias: CNN’s Jim Acosta suggests reporters join other protesters outside WH and chant against Trump

He seems troubled.

CNN’s resident drama queen and White House reporter Jim Acosta remains triggered by some of the crowd at a Trump rally in Tampa this week chanting “CNN sucks” while he was trying to do a report. So get this: In response to accusations of bias, Acosta suggested bumper stickers and maybe even “journalists” joining a chant outside the White House:

He seems troubled. And boy, if the media joining the other left-wing protesters outside the White House doesn’t convince you Acosta and some of his fellow journos aren’t biased, nothing will!

Andrea Mitchell compares Trump to brutal former Soviet dictator and faces no retribution, JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED UNDER STALIN!

Mitchell either proved she knows nothing about Stalin or she’s a totally unobjective, hyperbolic hack when it comes to talking about Trump.

Probably my favorite thing about the mainstream media is that, because of their professionalism and dedication to the truth, they tend to avoid giving false impressions because they refuse to overexaggerate when ta….BWA-HA-HA-HA! Sorry, I figured I wouldn’t be able to say that without laughing and I was right.

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell defended the honor of her profession that’s getting called out for shoveling loads of BS every day by saying that doing so gives Trump something in common with a dictator who killed some 20 million people:

Monday on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell addressed how President Donald Trump treats the press as “the enemy of the people.”

Mitchell likened Trump to Joseph Stalin, saying what the president attacking fake news is “very dangerous.”

“This is something that we first heard from Joseph Stalin. This is very dangerous. It undercuts democracy,” Mitchell said. “And for years and years, I’ve covered the State Department where we’ve tried to teach and help, advocate with new democracies how to train journalists and how we do journalism.”

Here’s Mitchell either proving she knows nothing about Stalin or she’s a totally unobjective, hyperbolic hack when it comes to talking about Trump:

Chris Matthews and ‘Hardball’ panelist calm Resistance nerves by assuring Dems the economy will get crappy again VERY soon

These progressives’ fingers are crossed so tightly wishing for an economic downturn that you can hear their knuckles cracking

It’s always a nice window into the liberal soul when they’re flat-out hoping with all their might for the economy to take a dump — because they care so very much about working class Americans!

After taking a break from the economy to report on developments in the 2020 Presidential race, the Hardball panel quickly returned to the upcoming jobs report. Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post weighed in on the upcoming GDP report: “President Trump is going to take a lot of credit for these good numbers, don’t believe him.” Marcus attributed the good economy to “a lot of people who bought things because they are worried about his tariffs and a lot of false growth from tax cuts juicing the economy.” Marcus may have committed a Freudian slip when she admitted that the tax cuts were “juicing the economy.” Marcus then predicted “it’s going to slow down, don’t buy it,” apparently hoping that the self-fulfilling prophecy will doom her least favorite President.
Matthews pointed out that in spite of all of the good economic news, President Trump still has an approval rating in the low 40s. Maybe if the media didn’t provide wall-to-wall negative coverage of the Trump administration, especially by obsessing over Russia and Stormy Daniels, he might have a slightly higher approval rating. Matthews also wondered “what is he going to be…when we have our recession in two years?”

The RNC should be gathering all this footage, along with Nancy Pelosi calling tax cuts “crumbs” and “Armageddon,” for the mother of all midterm ads.

These progressives’ fingers are crossed so tightly wishing for an economic downturn that you can hear their knuckles cracking:

Predictable: Economic growth exceeds 4 percent for first time in years, NY Times explains why that’s not a good thing

This headline would have been WAY different if Obama was still in office.

The GDP exceeded 4 percent in the previous quarter for the first time since 2014:

The New York Times can always be counted on to help the Democrats spin positive economic news during the Trump presidency:

Just a wild guess, but I’m thinking that headline would have been far different if Obama was still in office.


Yep, I was right. Here’s a NY Times headline from 2015 for a much lower growth rate in 4th quarter 2014: “Growth Rate Put at 2.6% as Economy Pulls Ahead.”

Could they get more predictable?