Before the identities of the Boston Marathon bombers were know, NPR’s Counterterrorism Correspondent Dina Temple Raston did a little speculating: Did you know that Hitler’s birthday is “big” for the right? I for one stopped celebrating it the day the candles on the cake accidentally set ablaze the mustache on the likeness of der Führer […]

You just knew this was coming. Somebody has to pay for the Creator’s biological negligence and unfairness: The state of California is reportedly considering legislation that would force group insurance policies to provide infertility treatment for gay and lesbian couples. Two men who have sex with each other for a year and do not produce […]

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams ***** (Warning: A few mild notably not-so-nice choice words.) Oh…hell no. The Marxist agenda is being rushed….as if they don’t have much time left. What did we just hear here from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, a woman who is a smart as she can be….unfortunately: Kids don’t belong to the […]

Even their own countries don’t want them back, so sure, let’s instead turn them loose in the U.S.: In an article posted on, Hayes criticized Guantanamo Bay’s continued existence in a piece entitled, “Time for radical action on Guantanamo.” Hayes, who railed against Obama’s failure to keep his promise to close the prison in […]

Alternate headline: Insufferable, prima donna blowhard discovers job market for insufferable, prima donna blowhards is weak. From Politico: Keith Olbermann has settled his $50 million lawsuit with Current TV, bringing an end to the almost year-long legal dispute over the outspoken host’s dismissal from the liberal news network. The terms of the settlement, which was […]

I have to admit that the “climate change” sham is brilliantly devised. If it’s colder than normal, that’s evidence of man-caused climate change. If it’s warmer than usual, that’s evidence of man-caused climate change. And now politicians who are killing the economy and putting people out of work (where they all too often stay) can […]

Why you don’t need to carry a gun to effectively protect yourself… First up, Colorado Dem State Rep. Joe Salazar has a twofold message for women on campus: 1) You shouldn’t carry a gun because what do you think they invented rape whistles and call boxes for? And 2) You shouldn’t carry a gun because […]

Yesterday Chris Dorner was in a standoff in Big Bear, surrounded by police in a cabin. He’d already killed three police officers, and one of the first things Crazy Chris Matthews could think to ask the mayor of the town was this: “Are there any African-Americans that live there or is it largely a white […]

I see the former graphic artists for Stalin, Mao and Hitler have found gainful employment at MSNBC: In other “Resist We Much” news, Al Sharpton recited the Pledge of Allegiance in a new “Lean Forward” MSNBC promo, but left out the “under God” part. Pretty funny for somebody who calls himself a “Reverend.”

CNN’s Piers Morgan, big time gun control advocate, broadcast a show from Texas to figure out why people like guns so much. Morgan has asked in the past “why does anybody need to own an assault rifle?” He’s also said the only people who own weapons like the AR-15 are those who want to commit […]

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