From the “imagine if Fox News did something like this” file, we have NBC’s coverage of Gabby Douglas winning the gold medal, which then led into this break: I was watching, but I’m not hard-wired to be offended by anything and everything so I didn’t even really notice it at the time… until my Twitter […]

Let this meeting of the Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Appreciation Society come to order… Eco scam zillionaire Al Gore has written “Reflections on Earth Day” (I’ll reserve my opinion of Gore’s hero Rachel Carson for another day). I mention the Goracle because he helps me get right to the point of why I hate Earth Day […]

Good news for any of you guys who have been pulling for the Miss Universe pageant to feature more contestants who look like RuPaul and J-Nap: With newly inclusive pageant rules, transgender women can now aspire to the Miss Universe crown. The Miss Universe Organization announced Tuesday that it will allow contestants who were not […]

Hey, it’s funny and acceptable if white Hollywood liberals participate in it: Time to play “imagine if a Republican did this”: Video footage obtained by The Daily Caller shows Hollywood screen legend Tom Hanks and Eagles musician Glenn Frey at a 2004 fundraising auction, playfully interacting with a white man dressed as an African native, […]

The Daily Mail says this was recorded at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The three year old boy is in a wheelchair because of a broken leg and trying to get to Disney World, but he won’t be hijacking the plane today thanks to crack security. Not this time, Junior Jihadi: You know, kid, for a hundred […]

This just in from the Federal Department of Counter-Productivity and Mixed Messages… Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius screened a Cartoon Network anti-bullying video for some middle school students recently. The video instructs kids not to call others names like “stupid,” “fat” and “jerk.” Sebelius was asked what people should take away from the […]

Shortly after the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke (pronounced “Fluck”) flap started, one of Rush’s west coast advertisers, Sleep Train, released a statement: “As a diverse company, Sleep Train does not condone such negative comments directed toward any person. We have currently pulled our ads with Rush Limbaugh.” Sleep Train soon discovered that turnabout is fair play […]

***** Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder said that terror suspects — even US citizens — should not be afforded protections under the US Constitution: In his most forceful defense yet of the Obama administration’s use of lethal force against U.S. citizens linked to terrorism, Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday that the Constitution does not […]

It seems to me that a company that caves to the demands of people notorious for wanting everything for free isn’t really doing itself any favors in the long term. But the number of companies doing just that is growing: The furor over Rush Limbaugh‘s controversial comments directed at Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke […]

Seriously? CAMP ZAMA, Japan – The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers feel during physical training. This week, 14 noncommissioned officers at Camp Zama took turns wearing the “pregnancy simulators” as they stretched, twisted and exercised during a three-day […]

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