A while ago I ran across this: In the interview, Michelle Obama described a fairly recent incident where she experienced racial prejudice: The first lady also described being mistreated at a Target store in suburban Washington, during a shopping trip she took in 2011. “Even as the first lady,” she told the magazine, “during the […]

Thanks for nothing, DiCaprio! Where was the media on this a few years ago when the Obama administration and Department of Energy were lying their asses off about electric cars so they could grease their cronies with billions of taxpayer dollars? It’s not like it’s “breaking news,” but the MSM has to pretend it is: […]

The real crime in the Sony “hack” story is the hack itself, but some of the stuff revealed as a result is telling considering it’s coming from Hollywood bigwigs — the same crowd that preaches liberal “values” including racial sensitivity. Case in point: Sony Pictures Entertainment executives joked about US President Barack Obama‚Äôs race in […]

Thanks to President Obama’s pitiful attempt to link his executive amnesty to Christian principles, we once again play a game of “imagine if Sarah Palin said that”: “I think the ‘Good Book’ says don’t throw stones in glass houses…” That’s NOT in the Bible, but in fairness to Obama, he didn’t reference the “Bible,” but […]

Jonathan Gruber and CMS Director Tavenner are testifying before the House Oversight Committee today. It’s reported that Gruber was paid in the $400,000 range by the federal government and perhaps millions more by states to clue them in on the Obamacare sham. Exactly how much was Gruber paid? He can’t recall: By the way, I […]

Melissa Harris-Perry left on her tampon earrings too long and now her brain has toxic shock syndrome: Odds are she’d feel very differently if it were her property that got destroyed or stolen. (h/t I Own The World)

There’s a reason Charles Barkley wasn’t invited to yesterday’s White House round table discussion about “mistrust of police in communities of color,” and opinions like this ensures he won’t be invited to future meetings either: Former NBA star Charles Barkley recently called Ferguson looters “scumbags,” praised police officers who work in black neighborhoods, and said […]

Who wants a few millionaire dipshits pushing a manufactured meme about the Ferguson shooting in front of tens of thousands of people? St. Louis Rams Players Do "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Pose As They Take The Field http://t.co/hmYnnx7bMb pic.twitter.com/hifTgDdWxD — Ellie Hall (@ellievhall) November 30, 2014 Nice. For the sake of accuracy, were the concession […]

Tomorrow, Bill Clinton reminds you to be thankful for the things that make life worth living: Gobble Gobble! pic.twitter.com/C2LrVVRQTl — lauren (@LilMissRightie) November 26, 2014 There’s always an awkward silence at the Clinton Thanksgiving table when Bill is asked if he prefers “thigh or breast.” I think that picture is about three months old, but […]

Ever since the decision of the Ferguson grand jury was announced and alleged seekers of “justice” for Michael Brown burned down the neighborhood (most businesses torched were minority-owned) and looted, the wise progressive media has been parsing Darren Wilson’s statement. Here are words that are “racially charged” according to MSNBC and Vox, and could prove […]

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