In case you missed it, satire was officially declared dead this past week: After former House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday called the current Republican presidential candidate “Lucifer in the flesh,” saying he found it difficult to work with him, staunch Satanists decried the comparison. “Having a conservative Christian likened to Lucifer — one who […]

**Written by Doug Powers Wow, this is kind of like Michael Moore accusing you of being unkempt: Meet the most loathsome pair of anti-abortion extremists in America. #NotMyCandidate — Planned Parenthood (@PPact) April 27, 2016 And if anybody knows “loathsome,” it’s PP’s top brass. **Written by Doug Powers Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

If you wanted to tell somebody what ingredients they’d need in order to cook up their own version of the Obama administration, the recipe would be “one cup obtuseness combined with one cup gullibility, stirred in thoroughly with a pound of arrogance.” Bake that for an hour and this is what you get… The White […]

Enough said: Well, there it is… — Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) March 10, 2016 #MicDrop

So is this really going to be the Republican nominee who will offer an enticing and principled alternative to Hillary? “Look, Planned Parenthood has done very good work for many, many — for millions of women,” Trump said in a news conference Tuesday night. “And I’ll say it, and I know a lot of the […]

The headline writes itself: “Giant ass seeks larger seats”: A U.S. senator is demanding an end to the ever-shrinking plane seats as he complains airlines are squeezing passengers onto planes ‘like sardines’. Airlines seats have been shrinking for decades as airlines try to squeeze every millimeter of profit from each flight. From a relatively roomy […]

Progressive hypocrite Alan Grayson’s under House ethics investigation for running a hedge fund that was located on the Cayman Islands all while he was back in the halls of Congress blasting companies that take advantage of offshore tax shelters. Grayson’s also returned to his old accusations about Republicans: The Republican healthcare plan for America: Don’t […]

This is really all she’s got, and so far it’s been good enough, which is amazing: The United States is not a single-issue country, Hillary Clinton told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. She said she wants to “knock down all the barriers that are holding people back.” “Of course, a lot of it […]

There’s a reason some of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. are those near Washington, D.C., and part of the reason is the government’s creativity when it comes to excuses for spending our money: The National Institutes of Health spent over $10 million to address gender disparities in research — among mice. “There’s been a […]

Workers at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada are letting the world know that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be good for sex workers: 'Hookers for Hillary' in Clinton's corner ahead of Nevada caucuses: — Fox News (@FoxNews) February 16, 2016 Bill’s going to dispatch himself to Nevada immediately just to, you know, […]

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