You’re doing it wrong: Dem Rep who’s running for president reminds defiant pro-2A crowd who’s got the nukes

What a way to tell everybody their government tyranny concerns are unfounded!

Earlier this year, liberal Rep. Eric Swalwell said the only way to solve the “gun violence” problem might be forced confiscation:

Swalwell proposes that the government should offer up to $1,000 for every weapon covered by a new ban, estimating that it would take $15 billion to buy back roughly 15 million weapons — and “criminally prosecute any who choose to defy [the buyback] by keeping their weapons.”

This week, Swalwell obviously had it up to here with critics of his gun grabbing wet dreams by reminding those who are defiant who really has the power:

Yep, there’s no better way for a liberal politician to remind people who want to keep their guns in case the government gets out of control that they’re delusional and paranoid than by threatening to nuke ’em!

As for me, I’m not sure that would make the best angle for winning in 2020.


Swalwell’s presidential campaign in a nutshell:

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Schadenfreude-a-Palooza: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrives early for congressional duties, leads sit-in at office of… Nancy Pelosi

Pass the popcorn

The next congressional term doesn’t even start for about seven weeks, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already in DC. Today she was a thorn in the side of Nancy Pelosi, which is absolutely hilarious:

You wanted her, you got her, Democrats! I’m guessing that Pelosi’s going to be swinging at AOC with the Speaker’s gavel before the middle of 2019.

As they say, “pass the popcorn.”

CNN sues Trump admin to restore Jim Acosta’s First Amendment right to grandstand during White House briefings

Founders unavailable for comment

Last week, after this scene, the White House pulled the hard pass from CNN’s Chief Resistance Reporter Jim Acosta:

And with that, CNN wrapped Acosta up in a Snuggie made out of copies of the Constitution and filed a lawsuit:

So if I’m understanding the liberal arguments about the Constitution correctly, the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to modern firearms because it was written with muskets in mind, but the First Amendment protects a drama queen cable net reporter from getting kicked out of the White House?

And by the way, Acosta has proven that he doesn’t need a White House pass to keep covering Trump:

I’m guessing the real reason Acosta wants his WH press credentials un-revoked is so CNN can get back to showing more of what Acosta thinks is the important story: Jim Acosta.

Also, CNN gets the vapors when Trump calls them “fake news,” but in their own lawsuit CNN proved why they’ve earned the title:

MORE lies from CNN? Go figure.

In any case, it could be hilarious if this all ended up in court:

Proof positive that these Dems were against Jeff Sessions before they were for him

So much BS

Jeff Sessions resigned as Attorney General this week at the behest of President Trump, and a couple of Dems did major flip-flops.

Let’s start with Sen. Kamala Harris from last year:

And Sen. Kamala Harris this week after Sessions was let go:

Let’s move on to the House of Representatives, where Rep. Jerrold Nadler had this opinion of Sessions last year:

And fast forward to this week after Sessions did exactly what Nadler asked him to do:

Their BS is so obvious it’s hilarious.

Note to Resistance media: The First Amendment wasn’t written to protect a reporter’s right to grandstand in the White House

And repeating DNC talking points aren’t “questions”

Did you see CNN’s Jim Acosta get smacked down after doing his usual shtick at a Trump press conference yesterday? He also tried to keep an aide from taking back the microphone to hand it to somebody else:

For starters, Jim Acosta isn’t a “reporter” because he editorializes constantly, spouting DNC talking points poorly disguised as questions. In any case, the White House yanked Resistance Cronkite’s press credentials:

And with that, many “journalists” (the media have been so ridiculous these last two years the quote marks should be required by law) were defending Acosta on constitutional grounds, starting with the Godfather of Fake News, Dan Rather:

Sorry Dan, but the American press remains as free as it was the day you used your First Amendment right as a reporter to push bogus documents in an attempt to sway a presidential election just days before it took place. Sit down.

Others also weighed in:

Even Jeb Bush got in on the act:

Like I said before, Acosta does not ask questions — he makes political statements on behalf of Democrats. And there is no First Amendment right to grandstand in the White House.

Bill & Hillary’s ‘Grift-a-Palooza’ tour ticket prices reconfirm age-old axiom ‘fools and their money are easily parted’

Bill and Hillary Clinton are fresh out of political influence to peddle, but lucky for them they can still count on many superfans shelling out big money to hear their tales, proving yet again that fools and their money are easily parted. Check out some of the ticket prices:

Resale tickets to the Clintons’ upcoming speaking tour “An Evening with the Clintons” are going for nearly $2,000 on StubHub as of Sunday afternoon.

Orchestra seats for the tour at New York’s Beacon Theater on April 11, 2019, are going for $1,712.37, while the cheapest seats for that tour date have a listing price of $136, according to the ticket resale website.
The cheapest face value tickets for the Vancouver, Canada, event on May 2, 2019, are going for CA $111.70 per ticket while floor seats for the event at Rogers Center cost CA $981.54 per ticket, according to Ticketmaster.

The tour, which will go through 13 cities and kicks off November 27 in Toronto, Canada, is being billed by promoter Live Nation as a “one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world and had a front seat to some of the most important moments in modern history.”

Imagine paying that much to hear a man accused of sexual predation and the woman who helped him smear his accusers try and take the moral high ground on feminism, all while inventing excuse after excuse for why Hillary lost the election. I’d sooner have root canal without painkiller — and it would be cheaper.

Of course: CNN interviews ‘random’ person at Dem’s rally who turns out to be the candidate’s mother

What are the odds!?

This just cracks me up, because it’s peak CNN. And notice how Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s mother plays along until the reporter asked for her name:

Funny how they just happened to find the one random person who happened to be the Dem candidate’s mother.

Obama spoke at the rally in Florida, and there’s proof-positive that he’s very persuasive in getting moms to vote for their own sons. Somewhere Chris Matthews is getting another thrill up his leg.

Howard ‘YAAARRGHH’ Dean goes full ghoul: ‘Democrats are a lot more energized’ after Pittsburgh shootings

Stay classy

Every now and then Dem flacks just flat-out admit what they’re all about, and it’s not good:

On MSNBC this morning, former chairman of the DNC Howard Dean was on Morning Joe to talk about the upcoming midterm elections and said that the horrific anti-Semitic slayings in Pittsburgh have “energized” Democrats for the vote.
“I do think there is a tendency towards voting Democratic,” he continued. “And I think Democrats are a lot more energized, particularly, I hate to say this, after the shootings in Pittsburgh which, where Trump really showed his true colors, and then went right back to demonizing Jews shortly after the shooting.”

In trying to say Trump showed his true colors, Dean showed the Dems’ true colors, which are a deep shade of despicable:

Stay classy, Howard.

Beyond parody: NY Mag’s article on why some young people won’t vote is a real knee-slapper

New York Magazine has a feature on 12 young people with reasons they “probably won’t vote.” On Twitter I broke down some of the reasons, and some of it could well have come straight from The Onion:

Mailing stuff “gives me anxiety.” Well, we had a good run, America. But maybe the socialists could help:

Also, the country really needs to have a national conversation about how the mail works:

You’ve heard of voter suppression — I give you “voter suppression suppression”:

Who’s up for some millennial dichotomy?

But in the end, the intent of this was not to dump on people who are NOT voting for whatever reason:

Uninformed people voting for other reasons (whether it’s being coaxed or because Tom Hanks offered them a donut) are a far bigger issue.

Perfect: Joe ‘they’re gonna put y’all back in chains’ Biden calls for more civil tone in politics

Give it a rest, Joe

After possible explosive devices were mailed to the Clintons, Obama, George Soros, the Time Warner building in New York City (addressed to John Brennan who is actually an MSNBC commentator) and Eric Holder (which couldn’t be delivered so it was returned to sender, and the return address was Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Florida office), former veep Joe Biden again put his self-awareness far away on the back burner for a lecture about responsible rhetoric:

Joe’s the LAST person who should wag that civility finger:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Biden.

Give it a rest and go look in a mirror, Joe.