Well, it’s a little better than that “nutcracker” one, but not much: ***** “See you later, Barbie! Now the kids have a REAL role model to play with!” ***** That Barbie’s a horrible role model, so why not teach girls that the real way to go is to hitch your wagon to a philandering-but-motivated serial-liar […]

Long-time Bill and Hillary Clinton sycophant, suck-up, brown-noser and toady Lanny Davis has been “all hands on deck” to defend Hillary against her latest showing on non-transparency about the email thing. All I did was simply point that out: Boy, @LannyDavis is doing a one-man wagon-circling to protect Hillary: https://t.co/IvzJoDmptU Pass the popcorn. — Doug […]

I give up: JUST IN: House passes "clean" DHS funding bill that doesn't block Obama's immigration actions http://t.co/cfx2XI15l7 pic.twitter.com/drhnNK8gHV — The Hill (@thehill) March 3, 2015 Seventy-five House Republicans bent over and voted for the measure that will include funding for executive amnesty. Sure, wave that magic wand and legalize millions of future Democrat voters, […]

John Kerry lied again this morning, but you knew that because his lips were moving: “As I said, the prime minister is welcome in the United States at any time. We have an unparalleled close security relationship with Israel and we will continue to. President Obama has done more to ensure the security of Israel […]

Last week, State Department spokesclown Marie Harf claimed that one ingredient in fighting terrorism is aiding in job creation so they have other opportunities and options. Obama agreed in an op-ed, writing that “the world has to offer today’s youth something better.” If only this guy had been provided with some economic opportunity growing up: […]

The hashtag-happy bunch at the State Department are following up on President Obama’s “Countering Violent Extremism” summit with even more embarrassment: We want your input. Share solutions you think are critical to countering violent extremism. http://t.co/lmVRNT7CAl pic.twitter.com/ivZKtwEQ8a — Department of State (@StateDept) February 20, 2015 Sounds like “PC neighborhood Watch” meets “midnight basketball.” Anybody want […]

Compare, contrast, and enjoy: This is…amazing pic.twitter.com/mxs3nB41nF — Kevin Eder (@keder) February 19, 2015 Excuse me, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The only aspect about anything Obamacare-related that’s “free” is the schadenfreude. The pitiful thing is that another politician will tell her similar lies and she’ll fall for it all over again. Repeat offender morons are how we’ve […]

Marie Harf at the State Department put the Obama anti-terror philosophy on full display last night. Even Chris Matthews couldn’t fully rationalize what she was saying: MATTHEWS: Are we killing enough of them? HARF: We’re killing a lot of them and we’re going to keep killing more of them. So are the Egyptians, so are […]

Bill and Hillary Clinton (or whichever of their staffers wrote these) are obviously gearing up for a WH run, because their playing the “lovebird” card more these days: I hope you dance, especially today. pic.twitter.com/gd1e306gNT — Bill Clinton (@billclinton) February 14, 2015 @billclinton It's a date! — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February 14, 2015 Great, Hillary! […]

Don’t these guys just make you proud to be an American? At a speech today, Joe Biden gave a shout out to “an old butt buddy”: TMI, Plugs. Not to be outdone, Obama hooked up with a selfie-stick — an invention created with narcissists like him in mind: Meanwhile, ISIS shudders in fear. Why we're […]

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