A couple days ago The Hill provided a hint as to what the “blame the GOP for a law NONE of them voted to pass” movement will look like heading into next year’s election. Next up, HuffPo: The real reason Republicans don't have a contingency plan for Obamacare http://t.co/ZCPyYhy0n6 — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) June 4, […]

Hillary Clinton will re-launch her campaign on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan (used to be known as “Welfare Island,” I kid you not) later this month, and she’s already demonstrating that you can’t make a “for the children” omelette without breaking a few hearts: Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t pick the best time to stage a major […]

They’re the ones being told to “go to the end of the line”: Painful new @AmericaRising @vine – the whole video we pulled it from is @HillaryClinton unenthused to meet supporters http://t.co/3CucEgpXTi — Shoshana Weissmann (@senatorshoshana) June 1, 2015 Front of the line is for closers only, peasants! (h/t Twitchy)

Hillary Clinton wants to make college more affordable: Making college more affordable is an investment in our kids and economic growth. Cuts to Pell Grants hold our kids back. — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) March 18, 2015 Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders lean in on debt-free college http://t.co/b45OrxMeEX — Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) May 20, 2015 Here’s how […]

This is an angle we’ll be seeing more and more as we get into peak election season next year: None of the GOP plans reportedly do enough to prevent an ObamaCare subsidy meltdown: http://t.co/R1RcwTey3v pic.twitter.com/Kv1R7Jeu9Q — The Hill (@thehill) May 28, 2015 In other words, Republicans think Obamacare is a crappy law — and if […]

The Clinton Foundation slush fund/family ATM must not be enough to cover all 2016 campaign expenses, because Hillary Clinton’s campaign is kicking the merchandising into high gear. I’m guessing there are about a half million of these bad boys sitting in a truck in Riyadh: Can Hillary Clinton Interest You in a $55 Throw Pillow? […]

The Associated Press actually managed to report that the Affordable Care Act isn’t “affordable” and doesn’t even have much “care” without calling out the Dems who voted for it who now want to lead the charge to “fix” the law (read: throw a ton more money at it). Rep. McDermott, who voted to pass the […]

Easy question for Iowa Dems: Name any Hillary Clinton accomplishments as secretary of state: Heh. I’d widen the challenge and ask people what Hillary Clinton has accomplished at all. And “married Bill,” “kicked ass at cattle futures” and “helped set up a money laundering operation disguised as a charity” don’t count. I do have one […]

This is both maddening and sad considering almost 1,300 Americans died securing Anbar province: After ISIS seized the Iraqi city of Ramadi, the terror group began releasing inmates from the city's prison. http://t.co/U3CfhucWSd. — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) May 18, 2015 PHOTOS: ISIS parades its troops in celebration of its "victory" in #Ramadi. – @Raqqa_Sl […]

At the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service outside the U.S. Capitol today, President Obama said that America must “heal the rift” between police and the communities they serve. Heal the rift? Did President Barack “The cops acted stupidly” Obama really say that? One thing’s for sure: If that “rift” is going to be smoothed over, […]

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