As always, “shared sacrifice” is for the rubes, and not our elite leaders: While the dance-off between the first lady and DeGeneres had its fair share of entertaining moments and positive media coverage, afterward the White House press corps pelted the president’s press secretary with questions about why the first lady and the president had […]

Have you seen the god-awful “spoof” video the Clintons did 20 years ago? There is one redeeming quality: In it, “Hillary Gump” advises a reporter investigating a potential political wrongdoing (a spliced in Robert Redford from “All the President’s Men”) to “follow the money.” As always, the same goes for anybody trying to get to […]

That title isn’t totally accurate, but since this is a post about Lanny Davis, the truth has no home here. Besides, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch if the Hillary Clinton email thing drags on for much longer. From Sunday, the Clintons’ longtime designated liar Lanny Davis served up a whopper for why […]

I can’t offer any better than this to keep the weekend rumbling along. Can the universe possibly get more aligned? It’s a good thing this meeting didn’t happen on Bill’s 69th birthday this August or the universe might have imploded.

NBC News? The Washington Post? CNN? Nah, apparently the next Woodward & Bernstein types might be found at TMZ: Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Much of the rest of the Fourth Estate is still hedging their bets about either doing some serious digging into the story — OR — passing up that kind […]

Well, it’s a little better than that “nutcracker” one, but not much: ***** “See you later, Barbie! Now the kids have a REAL role model to play with!” ***** That Barbie’s a horrible role model, so why not teach girls that the real way to go is to hitch your wagon to a philandering-but-motivated serial-liar […]

Long-time Bill and Hillary Clinton sycophant, suck-up, brown-noser and toady Lanny Davis has been “all hands on deck” to defend Hillary against her latest showing on non-transparency about the email thing. All I did was simply point that out: Boy, @LannyDavis is doing a one-man wagon-circling to protect Hillary: Pass the popcorn. — Doug […]

I give up: JUST IN: House passes "clean" DHS funding bill that doesn't block Obama's immigration actions — The Hill (@thehill) March 3, 2015 Seventy-five House Republicans bent over and voted for the measure that will include funding for executive amnesty. Sure, wave that magic wand and legalize millions of future Democrat voters, […]

John Kerry lied again this morning, but you knew that because his lips were moving: “As I said, the prime minister is welcome in the United States at any time. We have an unparalleled close security relationship with Israel and we will continue to. President Obama has done more to ensure the security of Israel […]

Last week, State Department spokesclown Marie Harf claimed that one ingredient in fighting terrorism is aiding in job creation so they have other opportunities and options. Obama agreed in an op-ed, writing that “the world has to offer today’s youth something better.” If only this guy had been provided with some economic opportunity growing up: […]

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