State Department spokesdoofus Jen Psaki, after being asked about the beheading of Steve Sotloff, was quick to not want to “label” the barbaric act: “I’m not going to put new labels on it,” she said. “We certainly consider this reported act, [and] the act of the killing of James Foley, as a horrific terrorist act […]

Who ever saw this coming? Confirmed: Continually stirring the racial pot and labeling anybody who disagrees with you as a racist does not erase the racial divide. The MSM reporting that as “news” instead of admitting the fact that it was the progressive game plan all along is a joke.

Not only does Sandra Fluke demand that somebody else to pay for her birth control, but now she wants us to pay for tax breaks for an industry headed by millionaires constantly bitching that their taxes aren’t high enough (via Twitchy): It's time to invest in our entertainmental industry and keep film jobs here. […]

During the same vacation, nobody on Team Obama seemed to mind that the president was spotted golfing a few minutes after a statement about the beheading of a U.S. journalist, but somebody was worried about the optics of this? Vocativ was on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend to film a piece about the African-American community […]

Here’s why I’m asking… SecDef Chuck Hagel attended the funeral of the highest ranking active member of the military to be killed since 1970, Maj. Gen. Harold Greene. In 2012, nobody from the White House attended the San Francisco memorial service for Chris Stevens, who was the first U.S. ambassador in 30 years assassinated on […]

The era of Obama wouldn’t be complete unless Amnesty International showed up in the U.S. for the first time in history: In an unusual move, the global rights organization Amnesty International has dispatched a delegation of observers and organizers to Ferguson, Mo., to provide direct support to community members and to observe the police response […]

How this HuffPo reporter currently in Ferguson, Missouri hasn’t yet ended up working for Michael Bloomberg yet is beyond me: I believe these are rubber bullets, can anyone confirm? #Fergurson — Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) August 17, 2014 CONFIRMED! Because one of those “rubber bullets” hit an innocent bystander right in the ear not […]

Thank goodness this wasn’t happening on Martha’s Vineyard last night: Tear gas, omg! — Christina Coleman (@ChristinaKSDK) August 14, 2014 The fact that it was happening far away allowed the Obama administration to maintain its trademark laser-like focus: Readout of tonight's social gathering coming shortly – spoiler alert: a good time was had by […]

Saturday, President Obama, after having been asked if he now regrets pulling all remaining U.S. troops out of Iraq, said that it was “not my decision.” That claim can be repeatedly shot down with a few flashbacks: What leadership! Wait, let me say that a little differently: What leadership?

I hardly ever agree with former Clinton Labor Secretary and Keynesian lawn gnome Robert Reich, but he really nailed it with this one: What someone is paid has little or no relationship to what their work is worth to society. Here’s evidence in support of Reich’s claim: Robert Reich Sticks It To Poor People With […]

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