From the Weekly Standard: Biden Overstates Deaths in Joplin, Missouri Tornado By 160,839: Ol’ Joe just had to impulsively and unconsciously (because that’s the way he does everything) add the “thousand” after the 161 — almost as if the real number wasn’t fantastic enough. He’s practicing for 2016!

This stuff’s getting really old, not to mention dangerous: Ebola and Climate Change: are humans responsible for the severity of the current outbreak? — Newsweek (@Newsweek) October 1, 2014 Because Africa was so disease-free before industrialization ruined it for them? What’s maddening is that climate change alarmists blame industrialization and capitalism for Ebola, but […]

The wind-up: Obama Has Missed Over Half Of His Second Term Intel Daily Briefingsā€¦ via @WeaselZippers — LibertyGirl NH (@libertygirlNH) September 30, 2014 And the pitch: Ok, but in fairness, how many fundraisers or tee times has Obama missed? — Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) September 30, 2014 Any notes taken at intel briefings Obama […]

This is not shocking because all too often Obama seems to forget which side he’s on: President Barack Obama favorably quoted and praised on Wednesday in his speech before the United Nations a controversial Muslim cleric whose organization has reportedly endorsed the terror group Hamas and supported a fatwa condoning the murder of U.S. soldiers […]

Semper Latte! It didn’t even occur to President Rambo McPeaceprize to put the cup in his left hand before saluting? After all, he is left handed. The fact that video was posted to the White House’s Instagram account shows how they just don’t understand or care what’s wrong with that. Obama was lucky the lid […]

This clip from Joe “Pluggernuts” Biden from 2012 is “one stop shopping” for validation of pretty much all of Mitt Romney’s warnings about the repercussions of Obama’s foreign policy — warnings that the administration mocked: Serious question: Have Obama/Biden been right about anything? We’d be better off if all decisions at the White House were […]

Ummm: National Guard officials confirm to FOX 25 that 3 Afghan National Army Soldiers have gone missing from Joint Base Cape Cod. Maj. Jan Mohammad Arash, Capt. Mohammad Nasir Askarzada, and Capt. Noorullah Aminyar were reported missing by base security Saturday night and have not been seen since. Don’t worry yet. There’s always a chance […]

The Dems are always finding some reason or another to make their base foam at the mouth and get Rush Limbaugh off the air, and of course that involves signing meaningless “petitions” that do nothing but help them accumulate email addresses for fundraising: Tired of Limbaugh's ignorance? Take a stand and tell his advertisers it's […]

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has a new book to push, and in it she’s claimed that during her time in DC she’s been harassed sexually and ridiculed about her weight by certain members of Congress during and after pregnancy. Who are the harassers? Well, Gillibrand can’t say because she’s trying to “raise the level […]

Would this man lie to you? Well, it’s starting to look like we’re going to have to put up with a couple more years of these two: Speaking directly after Hillary Clinton, the former president’s contrast in style with his wife was stark. He spoke for a shorter time, extemporaneously, and spoke mostly of his […]

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