After a bunch of lefties assumed a mosque fire in Houston was because of anti-Muslim backlash, this stopped them dead in their tracks: Christmas Day Fire At Houston Mosque Was Set By Devout Attendee: — The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) December 30, 2015 This is the sound of liberal talking points going down the […]

Take that, Donald! Went to Trump Tower & held a sign til the cops came. Then wrote Trump a letter. Here it is: — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) December 17, 2015 Trump should go stand outside Moore’s NYC apartment building holding a sign that says “but we aren’t all anti-capitalist millionaires with multiple homes.” […]

The Department of Homeland Security often says this: “If you see something, say something.” Unfortunately a lot of people fear what might happen if they follow that advice, as evidenced by this person who noticed suspicious activity at a home where the people accused of killing 14 in San Bernardino had been living: It was […]

Actual title of a post on the Reuters blog: Would Jesus join the NRA? Hey, can I play that game too? Great. Can we now apply this hypothetical to Planned Parenthood? — Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) October 30, 2015 The ridiculous Reuters piece closed this way — and keep in mind we were supposed to […]

Let those intent on harming Americans be put on notice: If you plan to harm or do harm a U.S. citizen, the Obama administration will swiftly and decisively contact video sharing websites: Judicial Watch today released new State Department documents that raise more questions about the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. Special […]

Last year: "Our objective is clear: We will degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL through a comprehensive & sustained counter-terrorism strategy." —Obama — The White House (@WhiteHouse) September 11, 2014 Today: NBC: Islamic State ‘Growing Like Crazy’ Despite U.S. Efforts — Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) August 30, 2015 But I’m totally confident that the White […]

The guzzlers of Al Gore’s Kool Aid are touting this “study” that affirms severe weather events are linked to man-made climate change. Check out “study guideline” #1: The scientists list the following questions as a guide to their study. 1. Given a particular weather pattern, how were the temperatures, precipitation, and associated impacts influenced by […]

Last week, State Department spokesclown Marie Harf claimed that one ingredient in fighting terrorism is aiding in job creation so they have other opportunities and options. Obama agreed in an op-ed, writing that “the world has to offer today’s youth something better.” If only this guy had been provided with some economic opportunity growing up: […]

The loose-lipped Department of Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson (I long for the days of the warming confidence radiated by Janet Napolitano) said Sunday that shoppers at the Mall of America should be “particularly careful” because of a threat made against the MOA by Al-Shabaab. Up to now, this is how the Mall of America […]

Marie Harf at the State Department put the Obama anti-terror philosophy on full display last night. Even Chris Matthews couldn’t fully rationalize what she was saying: MATTHEWS: Are we killing enough of them? HARF: We’re killing a lot of them and we’re going to keep killing more of them. So are the Egyptians, so are […]

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