Bill Nye the “fake science guy” is a world class dipshit, and the libs love it! That’s what passes for “logic” on the Left. Fortunately, people with functional brains have dismantled Nye’s “debunking” of pro-life positions: Nye’s central argument is that human embryos should not be protected by law, because many of them perish from […]

You know, if we had an honest and inquisitive media, it’s possible that some intrepid reporter might want to know if “data” like this… It's official. Earth just had its hottest month ever recorded — GlobalPost (@GlobalPost) August 20, 2015 …could possibly be influenced by numbers like this: An inconvenient truth: ‘Climate change […]

What an asshole: Bill floods Texas. Alaska is on fire. Just a little global warming & climate change. Nothing to worry about… — Bill Nye (@BillNye) June 16, 2015 Because SCIENCE! Alaska’s largest known wildfire was in 1956, around the time Nye’s alarmist predecessors were cooking up their “next ice age” theory. And of […]

More than 700 people, including Leonardo DiCaprio, have paid up to a quarter million dollars for a suborbital flight aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship. There has been delay after delay, and eventually I’m guessing most of them will ask for their money back. Branson’s group isn’t even close to a successful test at the […]

Now that Ebola is in the U.S., Democrats with no shame are blaming GOP “funding cuts.” That claim is not only total BS, but at a glance it appears the NIH has been over-funded if anything. The Free Beacon uncovered nearly $40 million worth of NIH expenditures of dubious societal value. Some examples: For instance, […]

Richard Dawkins has spent much of his life arguing that religion leads to immorality and yet he can vomit up crap like this without feeling a twinge of irony: @RichardDawkins @AidanMcCourt I honestly don't know what I would do if I were pregnant with a kid with Down Syndrome. Real ethical dilemma. — InYourFaceNewYorker (@InYourFaceNYer) […]

A voluntary thinning of the future gene pool of potential Gorebots is just alright with me. From the UK Daily Mail via Weasel Zippers: A meteorologist who has covered weather for the Wall Street Journal tweeted that he has decided not to have children in order to leave a lighter carbon footprint, and is considering […]

In late July, the Associated Press ran a photo which purportedly showed tremendous melting at the North Pole. Naturally, the global warming alarmists, including Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project,” ran with it: The supposed before and after at the North Pole: Now that the story has made its way around the world, the AP has […]

This from the same kinds of planning geniuses who are now in charge of health care: A $3.5-million solar panel installation at the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire — paid for with a federal grant — is under wraps as engineers debate how to deal with the glare that has bothered air traffic controllers, the […]

Not that being there for Monroe, Oklahoma will much help the people of Moore, which is where the tornado hit: Teleprompter fail, or general disregard for one of the reddest of red states? Hard to imagine Obama making a similar mistake if he were talking about a town in Massachusetts. I think maybe a talking […]

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