During the Super Bowl on Sunday night, the abortion fanatics at NARAL really showed that they know how to party: The pro-choice organization NARAL livetweeted their thoughts during the Super Bowl Sunday, at one point denouncing a Doritos ad for featuring a fetus. The Doritos ad in question showed a father eating Doritos while his […]

Welcome to “Who Threw That Baseball Better?” Today’s first contestant is a 103-year-old woman from Texas: One of the #Rangers' biggest fans, 103-year-old Lucille, threw out the first pitch last night! http://t.co/JU7D6wIZi4 pic.twitter.com/GwZeBLMbEz — ABC7 News (@abc7newsBayArea) August 27, 2015 Our second contestant is a U.S. president half the age of our first contestant: You […]

If this quote in a forthcoming book about Nick Saban is accurate, the Alabama coach is a master motivator for getting his players’ minds off distracting thoughts and back on the field of play: The Alabama football coach imparts life lessons in a new biography by Monte Burke, and though the book itself isn’t out […]

Who wants a few millionaire dipshits pushing a manufactured meme about the Ferguson shooting in front of tens of thousands of people? St. Louis Rams Players Do "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Pose As They Take The Field http://t.co/hmYnnx7bMb pic.twitter.com/hifTgDdWxD — Ellie Hall (@ellievhall) November 30, 2014 Nice. For the sake of accuracy, were the concession […]

It’s been a pretty trippin’ Olympics so far. President Obama was of course interviewed during the opening ceremony of the Olympics (otherwise known as “the games that take place as a background for NBC’s Obama interviews”), and from the look of things he’d been hanging out with the snowboarding team in the Choom Wagon: Obama […]

Sign spotted near a dining area close to the site of the Olympic Games: Sign near front door where media breakfast served in my coastal cluster hotel: Sure looks like t/ dog we call Sausage pic.twitter.com/2xPRbeOPOB — Jo-Ann Barnas (@JoAnnBarnas) February 4, 2014 Is the chef expecting a visit from President Obama? I kid! I […]

A question asked Obama at yesterday’s press conference revolved around Russia granting asylum to Edward Snowden and the cancellation of a summit meeting as a result of that and other rifts, and during Obama’s answer he veered into this: President Obama today made clear that he rejects growing calls for the U.S. to boycott the […]

Usually when people butcher the Anthem the cringe-worthy parts are the high notes. This flips it around and makes the listener wince on the low notes. I caught some Cher in this performance, with a bit of Michael McDonald and just a hint of Roseanne Barr: She must be the daughter of a track official […]

I’m always amazed by how the liberal mind works — or doesn’t as it were. Here’s a question about guns from tennis legend Martina Navratilova: As a law abiding citizen without a gun,how can I tell a difference between the law abiding citizen with a gun and the criminal with a gun? — Martina Navratilova […]

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams ***** Anybody who ever had a child in sports has seen this kind of behavior. What is truly amazing, is that most of the time, I have seen parents do nothing—nothing if they saw their kid being abused, because they don’t want to embarrass their child. Not me. I […]

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