If you wanted to tell somebody what ingredients they’d need in order to cook up their own version of the Obama administration, the recipe would be “one cup obtuseness combined with one cup gullibility, stirred in thoroughly with a pound of arrogance.” Bake that for an hour and this is what you get… The White […]

The wind-up: Pres. Obama mocks Republicans on refugee stance: "They are scared of widows and orphans." https://t.co/7CpAo3SrWQ pic.twitter.com/ym8lgQRrma — ABC News (@ABC) November 18, 2015 “Widows and orphans”? OK. And the pitch: 79 percent of Syrian refugees are men. pic.twitter.com/W3Bar8YGpQ — FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) November 20, 2015 But on the plus side for the refugees, […]

Be afraid: Be VERY afraid: American progressives aren’t looking to Greece as any kind of a warning sign — they’re observing what’s going on for lessons on wealth confiscation. This is why progressives need to be voted out of power in America, which, at a presidential level, I’m taking a “we’ll see” attitude with low […]

I’ve read a lot of long articles about Greece’s monumental financial problems, but I don’t think I’ve seen a headline so adroit at summing up the crisis and its cause than this: Trillions Spent, but Crises Like Greece’s Persist http://t.co/YPi6x3mG2z — New York Times World (@nytimesworld) June 30, 2015 “Trillions Spent, but Crises Like Greece’s […]

Like Putin and Ayatollah Khamenei, Raul Castro must know that he’s really got a big fish on the hook here: Castro, in a meandering, nearly hour-long speech to the Summit of the Americas, ran through an exhaustive history of perceived Cuban grievances against the U.S. dating back more than a century—a vivid display of how […]

John Kerry lied again this morning, but you knew that because his lips were moving: “As I said, the prime minister is welcome in the United States at any time. We have an unparalleled close security relationship with Israel and we will continue to. President Obama has done more to ensure the security of Israel […]

What a difference a few months makes: Top headline 9/14 — Bottom headline five months later: pic.twitter.com/HeLPMeEEhc — Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) February 10, 2015 The most dangerous thing about the Obama administration is that these clowns actually believe their own BS. Last September: Today: BREAKING: US officials: US Embassy in Yemen to suspend operations amid […]

Well, this is embarrassing: NOW do you forgive the Obama administration, France? My reaction is more like this: I think Senator Blutarsky speaks for all of us. http://t.co/o6acdxyxo1 — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) January 16, 2015

Some in the media go to ANY length to avoid having to admit that Obama can’t walk on water: Could concern about jeopardizing nuclear talks with Iran at a sensitive stage explain why US sent no representative to Paris march? — Robert Mackey (@RobertMackey) January 13, 2015 Right now White House staffers are kicking themselves […]

“The most trusted name in news” continues wiping their butts with that slogan. First up, Chris Cuomo, faced with having to describe a black person from another country, wasn’t quite sure what to do: Speaking of CNN dolts, not to be outdone, Christiane Amanpour referred to the murder-spree terrorists in France as “activists.” Would she […]

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