President Obama Makes History

When I write that President Obama has “made history,” I’m not referring to this obvious historic first or even the that that Obama is the first president to ever to run up the debt over $5 trillion on his watch. Those things are indeed historic, but the history that’s being made here is in the […]

Obama Celeb Suck-Up of the Day

Actor/comedian Denis Leary gets today’s award for the following fellatiotic reaction to a question about his opinion of Barack Obama. Is it just me, or do some of these over-the-top Obamaniacs seem to act like this more out of fear that questioning The One would lead to some kind of career damage? How else do […]

White House Denial: No Biographies Have Been Altered

On Tuesday we (and the rest of the free world) mocked the Obama administration for including pitiful addendums at the bottom the biographies of almost every president from the last century. The Obama administration, true to narcissistic form, don’t really understand why people are making a big deal out of it. Besides, technically, they didn’t […]

Reagan Float Wins the Roses

Deserved recognition for the reminder of a time when “hope and change” wasn’t merely an empty, focus group tested catch phrase: (CNN) – Former President Ronald Reagan’s history-making float at the Rose Bowl Parade Saturday has been awarded a trophy for best depiction of life in the United States, past, present or future, the Tournament […]

A Supreme Court Nominee Everyone Should Dred

As you’re probably aware, President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice and Stan Laurel ringer, David Souter, the man who is George HW Bush’s biggest mistake (second biggest if you’re on the left). There are a number of troubling issues in the professional career of Sotomayor, but this is one of […]