Did the Clintons get exactly what they wanted on Tuesday?

In the coming months and years, speculation will fly about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2008. Could the Democrats be moronic enough to nominate another current or former Senator? Let’s see… in recent decades, senators they’ve nominated include McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry (with Secret Service code-names of, respectively, “Titanic”, “Hindenburg”, “Pompeii”, “Chernobyl”, and “The guy who’s married to the really annoying rich chick”) In short, of course they could be that stupid once again!

In addition to Hillary, Bill Clinton wants to run the UN. In my WorldNetDaily column this week, I imagine a world where Hillary is president, and Bill runs the UN.

Standing in the way of Bill and Hillary ruling the world, is history. Five failed bids for the White House by Senators in the past 30-plus years, and there’s no reason to think it would be any different for Hillary. History is a non-partisan teacher, and the Dems often prove they’ve been playing hooky– And may well again in 2008.

Hey, who was the best president since WWII?

The month of a big election is always a good time to talk presidential politics. Since the death of Ronald Reagan, a lot of talk has taken place about just who has been the best president since WWII. I did an analysis a short while back that I’m now calling “All the Presidents Zen“. What would happen if all the post WWII presidents ran for office in today’s political and social climate? What a mess…