Former Clinton stomping ground named "meanest city" toward homeless– Data also shows it's not too good for those with homes, either

Some group called the “National Coalition for the Homeless” (must be a real challenge when they have to send out a mailer) has declared Little Rock, Arkansas as the worst place to be if you’re homeless. According to the story, the building of the Clinton Presidential Library and Bowling Metroplex added to the misery for the housing-challenged by displacing a bunch of homeless folks. Not surprising that the man with a monopoly on compassion allowed that to happen. Things in Arkansas were never good under Clinton, especially for minorities.

For most of the ’80s, as Arkansas governor, Clinton did his best to see to it that blacks didn’t fall for all that “decade of greed” talk, with 1990 census statistics showing white families with a median income of $22,550, and black families at $12,128. Good thing Clinton was there to fight for them, or else black families in Arkansas would have finished the ’80s owing money.

Not really what you would expect from the man who author Toni Morrison once called “our first black president.” If that’s true, he’s one hell of an Uncle Tom.

In 2001, the historic landmark, the Choctaw Terminal, built in part by craftsmen who were former slaves, a building which was truly a piece of black history, was leveled to make room for the Clinton Presidential Library. Arkansas finally gets a library and it’s got to be smack on top of a piece of black history? Not something a “black president” would do, I wouldn’t imagine.

For Little Rock, getting the title “worst place to be homeless” is far more desirable than “best place to be homeless”, but to get that title, construction would have to cease on all the Clinton monuments, which ain’t gonna happen.

Author: Doug Powers

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