Email of the week…so far.

From a supposedly young man named Robert, in a letter with the subject line “UR WRONG!” I assume this is about a column I wrote on Hollywood, and, I imagine, Joe McCarthy’s “Subversive Celebrity Dossier“:

I dont agree with you at all. You are way unfair about Barbra Streisand. She is the coolest person on earth and this is coming from a 16 year old. I have been a Streisand Fan since I was 2.I would pay hundreds to see her if i had it. Ps. She wouldn’t spell anything wrong she graduated early from Eramus High School and as one of the top people of her class.

Well Robert, I’ll go with the assumption that you’re a young man who loves Streisand. I can only say a three things: 1) There’s no accounting for taste, 2) Yes, Barbra does have a fine singing voice, and 3) Keep it up and you may someday have to get used to the title of “Mr. Liza Minelli.”

Author: Doug Powers

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