New Muslim television station to showcase the wacky side of the religion

Watching the news this morning, I saw an interview with the man who is starting the first cable operation targeted to Muslims in the US and Canada. It’s called “Bridges Television.” The company’s CEO, Muzzammil S. Hassan (thank you, ‘copy & paste’!) listed the many avenues of entertainment the station would provide. This list included “stand-up comedians.”

It never occurred to me before that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Muslim stand-up comedian. This could be worth the price of subscribing.


“And now, ladies and gentlemen, in his first appearance here in the Sahara at the Mirage (literally), please give a warm Sahrawi welcome to Uzbekistanian comedian Fareed Khalid Hassan!”

“Take my wives, please! But seriously, what’s the deal with Suha Arafat? She’s rich and simgle now? What a catch! Sure, you’ll need some serious “Burqa goggles” on, but she’s got billions in secret bank accounts– She’s loaded with more Swiss than a ski lodge in the Alps and Michael Moore’s fried cheese sandwich combined. Thank you! I’ll be here all Ramadan…be sure to tip your wait staff, an try the falafel!”

Author: Doug Powers

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