Join the "51 Capital March" to protest voting fraud… I think the "51" is in there because they're predicting national attendance

I’ll give the left credit… they’re as persistent as chronic herpes, but as predictable as the contents of Liza Minelli’s medicine cabinet.

They just can’t let it go, can they? A website called “51 Capital March” is promoting a protest on Sunday, December 12th. You’re supposed to show up at your state capital and, well, bitch about something to do with the voting process. That’s where I get confused. They’re about as vague as Michael Jackson describing to the cops what went on at Neverland as to what specific “vote fraud” they’re referring to.

A quick click to the “donate to” page and you can see a list of third, fourth, fifth, sixtieth, and hundred-and-fifty-second party candidates who are raising money for hand recounts. There, they hope to perhaps find an extra vote so they can justify the expenses by saying, “See, if it weren’t for the recount, we wouldn’t know that Badnarik was screwed out of 50% of his votes!” — Not mentioning of course that it was simply because he went from one to two.

This from the “FAQ” page:

Q– I live in a blue state. Kerry won here. Like, why should we protest?

A– Simple: If the right to vote is compromised, you, me, everyone lose the ability to determine who leads this country.

I have one to add.

Q– If Kerry had won, like, would you care at all about any of this?

A– “Is that the phone I hear ringing?”

Author: Doug Powers

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