Atheist now believes in God, but only a small one that doesn't pay attention to us

British philosophy professor and lifelong atheist, 81 year old Antony Flew, now believes in God… a little bit. Atheists around the world need not fully panic, however. This from the story:

Last week, Richard Carrier, a writer and Columbia University graduate student, posted new material based on correspondence with Flew on the atheistic Web page. Carrier assured atheists that Flew accepts only a “minimal God” and believes in no afterlife.

Whew! That’s a relief!

I love the qualifiers used when somebody realizes they’ve spent their life being wrong, but can’t admit it. So, there is a God, but He’s minimal– Is this kind of like believing in Hollywood actors, but nothing bigger than, say, Mickey Rooney?

Atheists have never ceased to amaze me. They believe whole-heartedly in evolution, which requires a sort of genetic perfection– Cells reorganizing and rearranging, like building blocks, in perfect unison, over time, to provide adaptability to the being’s environment. Then they say it’s all an accident. Every time I’ve seen one on the highway, accidents are never constructive. They’re destructive.

Bill Buckley once wrote about an elderly scientist who was a believer, questioned by a young skeptic. “How can you believe in God?”

The scientist answered, “I find it more reasonable to believe in God, than to believe that Hamlet was deduced from the molecular structure of a mutton chop.”

Author: Doug Powers

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