Usually the UN's the one doing the bugging

A listening device was found in a room in the United Nations’ Geneva office.

There must have been some interesting conversations to be heard. Picture it– Kofi Annan is visiting the U.N. office in Geneva, and the phone rings:

“Mr. Annan… Jimmy Carter here.”

“Jimmy! Hello! You’re calling about the Palestinian elections no doubt. Lets start by discussing a timeline. You go first, Jimmy.”

“Thanks, Kofi, but I insist, you go first.”

“That’s very nice of you, but I defer to you, Mr. President.”

“No, really Mr. Secretary, you go first.”

“Should I have it voted on in general session, Jimmy?”

“Only if I can mediate the round-table discussion to form a fact-finding committee to negotiate a proper timeline.”


No word yet on who placed the bug in the U.N. or why they did it, but one thing is for certain: Police are searching for a suspect who is asleep.

Author: Doug Powers

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