D.C. doesn’t want to spend public money? Nothing like a good laugh in the morning

The Montreal Expos move to Washington, DC hit a snag when city officials balked at spending public money to build the stadium, but now it could be back on track.

Funny how a town that is famous for being a clearing house for spending someone else’s money can get really pro private sector when it comes to a baseball stadium. If the people who want the team really want to get it approved quickly, and use public money for 100% of the building, they should just suck up to some public official. In this case, promise to name it after DC Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

It works for those in W. Virginia (soon to be renamed “Byrd-land”). For those of you who don’t know, to get to Robert Byrd’s W. Virginia office, simply go down the Byrd Expressway, take the Byrd 101 exit, turn left on Byrd Ave., another left on Byrdville road, and that dead ends into the Byrd Towers office complex.

Author: Doug Powers

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