Bin Laden’s latest message– desperation, or disruption?

What’s causing Osama bin Laden to suddenly begin releasing so many messages that, if this continues, soon he’ll be giving out recipes and pointers for getting stains out of carpets?

Can he be hearing footsteps, or is it simply desperation to stop democratic elections in Iraq, since it could lead to the beginning of the end for him? Or, maybe his messages are acting as a sort of psychotic Bat-Signal in the sky to begin an operation to disrupt the elections.

One thing’s for sure, election day is going to be a confusing event in Iraq. Threats of shootings and bombings, coupled with the attempt to elect a 275 member National Assembly. And you thought there were a lot of names on your ballot! It’s a good thing this isn’t happening in south Florida. We’ll soon know if there’s an Iraqi equivalent to Broward County if Allawi barely edges out Pat Buchanan.

Author: Doug Powers

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