The Old Grey Lady is getting more and more senile

The New York Times is at it again. This time, in an editorial, they claim that America is “stingy” with its foreign aid. The editorial is here, if you want to bear witness to idiocy, not to mention take the time to register.

“Stingy”? The United States spent $15.8 billion for “official developmental assistance” to developing countries in 2003, and that’s just one example. We’ll probably end up throwing over a billion into the pot for tsunami aid.

Often, the question isn’t the amount, but who’s getting it. Look at the “above the fray” United Nations, who either was complicit in, or got duped by, Saddam Hussein and the bogus “oil for food” scam. You can try to argue “as a percentage, the US is lagging in foreign aid” all you want, but no matter how much is given, when the money is being delivered by Bugsy Siegel, chances are little of it will reach its intended target.

Finances aside, I say it again… America? Stingy. Superficial dopes like the editorial board of the NY Times look only at dollars, and they can’t even do that right.

The United States is so stingy that we only paid a price of about 300,000 dead Americans when we liberated Europe. We’re so stingy that millions of Iraqis are now free at the cost of several thousand United States casualties. There are literally countless other examples. How stingy of us.

Oh, by the way, the Catch-22 is always that the Times will, if we really crank up our foreign disaster relief, point out all the suffering at home that isn’t being addressed.

Author: Doug Powers

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