PETA tries to lure Carter to create a safe "Habitat for troutmanity"

Not long ago, former President Jimmy Carter was on the Tonight Show, and told Jay Leno the story of the time he went fishing and was hooked by a lure. The hook was acquitted after it was determined to be a case of mistaken identity, but the animal rights group PETA wasn’t as amused as those of us who like a good fishing story.

PETA wants Carter to quit fishing. According to them, fish are intelligent animals who feel pain. Maybe PETA’a right about the intelligence thing, but if they are, they should encourage Carter to keep fishing. After all, he only hooks himself, and the relationship could actually help the fish.

If fish are very intelligent, and Carter hangs around them too much, they may begin to suffer the effects of “malaise” and “stagflation.” The empathy we’d feel would make it difficult to eat them.

Author: Doug Powers

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