Dems continue to fight battles that have already been decided– Keeps them from focusing on current battles– History repeats ad nauseum

Thursday, the Electoral College votes to confirm the election of George W. Bush. Some Democrats, who have been spending time in two states lately– Ohio, and Denial– Just can’t accept it.

John Conyers, State Representative from my state, Michigan, plans to formally protest the confirmation. Some people protest via self immolation, but probably not this time. Liberals like Conyers don’t burn… they only stew.

Part of the Democrats problem (describing their “problem” is as arduous as explaining what each bolt on the Space Station does) is that they continually focus on the already decided. They’re a football team who lost on Sunday and spend the next few days bitching about it instead of preparing for the next game. Before they know it, it’s Sunday again, and there they are, woefully unprepared for another game they’re going to lose, then whine about for days and days… again.

Blather, rinse, repeat.

Author: Doug Powers

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