And I though I was a bad singer…

Admittedly, I was scrounging up some grub in the kitchen during halftime at Tuesday’s Orange Bowl game between Oklahoma and USC. At some point though, I thought I heard what I thought was a cat being slaughtered with a belt sander. I went back into the living room. Turns out it was only Ashlee Simpson singing… or… something.

The audio and video of Simpson’s illustrious performance proves two things: 1) Simpson’s much better off when she’s lip synching, and, 2) William Hung sounds like Luciano Pavarotti compared to Ashlee’s primal death wail.

Even Yoko Ono woke up and said “What is that crap?”

Hopefully this is the catalyst to bring back marching bands to football intermissions. In either case, it doesn’t really matter to those of us who spend halftime in the beer and/or bathroom line.

Author: Doug Powers

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