The punch-drunk Boxer

They’re calling it “The Boxer Rebellion”, but it’s not really a rebellion as much as a series of desperate wild punches that miss their mark.

Senator Barbara Boxer and House member Stephanie Tubbs Jones, both representing the beautiful state of Denial, have formally protested the count of electoral votes. This caused a stoppage of the count so the members could go to their respective chambers for debate and to reload the ice bucket.

As they voiced their protest in front of the electors, it was almost as if they were looking behind them saying “come on, guys!” Nobody else spoke up. Hillary didn’t. Obama didn’t. Kennedy couldn’t.

Oh, plenty of them are whining about it, but only two of them are willing to sign the formal protest and make their ignorance official.

John Kerry has said that there were “very troubling questions” about the Ohio voting. Sure there are. Question #1 Kerry has is, “Why did more people vote for Bush than me?”

The scary thing about Barbara Boxer is that she has a B.A. in Economics, but she doesn’t even seem to be able to spot a liability when she looks in the mirror.

Author: Doug Powers

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