Rosemary Kennedy passes away

Less than 24 hours after I mentioned Ted Kennedy’s sister, Rosemary, in a post below from Friday, I read that she passed away. I could be wrong, but I always viewed Rosemary as symptomatic of the Kennedy clan’s quest for power.

The family statement said, “Rosemary was a lifelong jewel to every member of our family. From her earliest years, her mental retardation was a continuing inspiration to each of us and a powerful source of our family’s commitment to do all we can to help all persons with disabilities live full and productive lives.”

… as long as that productivity is hidden in a Wisconsin institution so as to not interfere with the family’s political aspirations– a speed bump on Ambition Highway, if you will.

Ironically, the “special needs” daughter got in the way of Papa Joe’s political agenda of raising sons who could attain high political office, where they could lobby for the human rights of the less fortunate.

Author: Doug Powers

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