CBS News fires 4, all of whom are wildly upset that they got caught

Whenever discussions arise about the fake Bush National Guard documents that CBS reported on, I can’t help but think of an old guy having his mask pulled off, while he says, “And I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling bloggers!”

CBS released the results of an investigation into the incident, and the report, predictably, says, “There is no evidence of any political agenda.”

Of course not. That’s just how they are.

The point isn’t necessarily that Rather & Company knowingly put forward false documents in the hopes that they would be catastrophic to the Bush campaign (though the thought did cross my mind) – it’s that Rather’s & Company’s Pavlovian response of wanting the documents to be authentic caused their research to be as thorough as your average 17-year-old boy trying to do algebra homework while a “Baywatch” rerun is on television.

If somebody came forward with something similar about John Kerry, there would have been so much verification, and a follow up verification of the verifiers, and so on, that the story still wouldn’t have made it to air.

So, CBS got busted by “bloggers in their pajamas”. Now Rather is, as he may put it, “as frustrated as a perverted farmhand with an electric cow milker during a power outage.”

Author: Doug Powers

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