Monday… must be "shameless plug" time

The new column is up at WorldNetDaily. It’s about a few delusional senators, among others, who are still protesting the Bush win (first and second). If they have time, they’ll demand a recount of Nixon’s 1972 “alleged” victory over McGovern. Check out “Punch drunk Boxer vs. Reality.”

By the way, in the column, I refer to the obelisk at the beginning of “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Ken M. from El Paso was nice enough to write me and remind me that it was not an obelisk, but rather a monolith. Too late to correct it for the print version, but the beauty of the blog is that there’s a chance for redemption 24/7.

More stuff: It must be a month for “vs.” columns. Find out why “Sperm Wars: An array of contraceptive options vs. the horny” is the #1 “most read” column at I’ve linked to part II. The link to part I is right at the top of that page.

Have a fine week all!

Author: Doug Powers

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