Google gets regularly Lay'd for $3,000 a month

According to this article in the Telegraph, former Enron exec Kenneth Lay is paying “no more than $3,000 a month” to appear alongside the results for anyone searching for his name or “Enron fraud”. Click on his ad, and you can read things about his philanthropy and good deeds.

That list leaves out some stuff, though. There are plenty of other ways Lay and Enron helped people. For example, tens of thousands of people losing their life savings must have been welcome news for the Ramen Noodle company. There’s only so long you can support an entire company on feeding desperate grad students. And with college kids having more and more disposable income and therefore the ability to afford higher quality foods such as fish sticks, Taco Bell, and fruit roll-ups, this Enron thing was really a Godsend. Thanks, Kenneth!

The credit card people must be on cloud nine, too. No cash for people means they’ll turn out more plastic than a Malibu cosmetic surgeon. People paying for food and heat at 19.5% makes Visa happier than Paul Reubens at the dirties with a pocketful of quarters.

Others Lay has helped has been the employees of Shredco, the mobile shredding service. Shredco was hired by Enron and/or their auditing firm Arthur Andersen to drive one of their giant shredders on wheels over there and turn tons of potentially incriminating documents into parade confetti. Lucritive for Shredco. The list goes on.

This is all just Lay’s way of “giving something back”, and some of us should appreciate it more.

Author: Doug Powers

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