Kenya launches bid for Olympics… Hopefully the summer one

Kenya’s “sports minister” (pause for laughter) announced an interest in his country hosting the 2016 games. This despite the fact that the projected cost would be about seven times that country’s annual revenue.

Greece spent over $15 billion on the games, and Kenya brings in $2.7 billion in revenues each year. Kenya will have to seriously max out their Visa Platinum card to get the Olympics, and at 19.5% APR, this could be the first trillion-dollar games.

Oh yes, Kenya has only two stadiums, which, from the sound of it, make the coliseum in Rome look like the Louisiana Superdome.

Hopefully this comes off. I can’t wait to see how far athletes can “hop, skip and jump”, pole vault and sprint with lions hot on their heels. Maybe Kenya can get Uganda, Tanzania, or Sudan to split the cost, since that’s where these people will end up.

Author: Doug Powers

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