Monday… must be "shameless plug" time

My column, up today at WorldNetDaily, has to do with how one Atheist’s movement to get the name God removed from public places and even from swearing in ceremonies, has become almost a religion in and of itself.

Switching gears, which I tend to do like a hyper 15 year old learning how to use a stick shift in drivers ed. class, look for tomorrow’s column at It’s about how mothers and fathers can manage to find some alone time when they have inquisitive and nosey children. Ever ‘get started’, only to hear footsteps and the creak of a door opening, and the only thing to be blown is your opportunity? Sex is no longer a thing of the past, if you follow these pointers. Even if it is, you might get a laugh or two, which, for some, is even better.

Author: Doug Powers

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