Boxer getting punchy

At the Senate confirmation hearing for Condoleeza Rice to be Secretary of State, Senator Barbara Boxer questioned Rice’s “respect for the truth.”

Boxer questioned her respect for the truth. Boxer! If you know much about Barbara Boxer, upon hearing this, you probably retired to your living room to await the imminent return of the Lord.

These past few days have been “limelight time” for Boxer. Not long ago, she protested the electoral college roll call of votes– Specifically, the Buckeye State. When the electoral roll call reached “Ohio”, Boxer jumped up with such energy you’d have thought somebody in the chamber wanted an abortion. Didn’t matter though, but she got her name in a few headlines.

Barbara Boxer questioned someone else’s respect for the truth. Keep telling yourself that during the day– Laughter is a great stress reliever.

Author: Doug Powers

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