Redford’s “Festival of dissent” underway… Bruce Jenner wants his face back

Robert Redford opened the Sundance Film Festival, calling it a “festival of dissent.”

Said Redford, “This is really a festival about different voices in film that really reflect, a little more accurately, the world we live in.”

Oh really? Do we leave it to an industry that breeds a culture of people who have facelifts, toupees, fake tits, phony concern, and false hopes to depict, accurately, the world we live in? (outside L.A.)

Speaking of those things– For a staunch “environmentalist”, Redford sure did defy nature by getting a facelift that now allows Bruce Jenner to act as his stunt double. Environmentalists and naturalists who get facelifts are right up there with feminists who get breast implants when it comes to pushing the needle on the “irony meter” clear off the dial.

Author: Doug Powers

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