More misguided "Hillary in '08" banter

Hillary Clinton will be the Dems nominee in 2008, according to Susan Estrich, and every other Democrat who is out of candidates to sacrifice at the political altar of bad choices.

One example of the tunnel vision suffered by Democrats, spelled out in the column of the “four packs of unfiltered rolled-up pencil shavings a day” voiced Estrich, is concerning who would, without a doubt, be Hillary’s campaign manager:

Under the direction of the best campaign manager in American history, the Hillary Clinton campaign will make none of these mistakes. Strategically, it will be brilliant. Tactically, it will be flawless. There will be one campaign manager, and everyone will know who he is, and except for Hillary, no one will be able to call him Bill. So watch out.

Really? These are the same Clintons who campaigned for John Kerry. The same ones who went to California to save the career of Gray Davis. The same “Dynamic Duo of untruth and deception” who pushed for Gore. The list of those the Clintons have stumped for who lost goes on. These people are the “Bermuda Triangle” of endorsers, and the wise candidate would avoid that air space.

So, I don’t think it’s fair at all to say that Hillary would have the best campaign manager in history in famed intern-Mountie Dudley Do Wrong. I would enjoy attending a fundraising dinner, however… I’ve always wanted to eat from White House china.

Author: Doug Powers

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