Supersized idiocy

By now, you’re well aware that there have been several attempts by overweight people to blame their health problems on McDonalds and other fast food restaurants, and that they have sought legal remedy in the courts.

Many have argued that these places served them food that has made their belt sizes increase to a degree that now the only things that are buckling are the floor boards. Personal responsibility takes yet another holiday, and now, thanks to the 2nd US Court of Appeals ruling, it’s retired to Barbados for good.

A lawsuit was brought against McDonalds on behalf of two children, whose attorneys blamed the kids’ health problems on misleading McDonalds marketing. A lower court judge threw the case out, but later,the 2nd Circuit overturned that ruling. The ruling should have been overturned only far enough to allow the kids to sue their parents.

Where were their parents? I’m guessing right behind them in line,
preparing to order a #5 with extra mayo.

Author: Doug Powers

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