Iraq elections make our complaints seem petty

With two hours to go until the polls close in Iraq, there have been several suicide bombs detonated and at least two dozen people dead in various areas. Despite that, people continue to line up in that country’s first free election.

One good thing about this election is that the danger in Iraq has made the presence of exit pollsters virtually zero. Two hours into this, the networks weren’t able to prematurely say, “At this point, based on exit polling data, CBS News is comfortable in calling the Sunni Triangle for Ibrahim Al-Ja’fari.”

The people gladly lining up to vote even with the threat of death looming should make us feel a tad petty for whining about standing in line for 90 minutes.

Post election predictions?

The voting will be considered a success by everybody but Ted Kennedy and CNN. Jesse Jackson will fly halfway to Baghdad to protest on behalf of disenfranchised Iraqi voters, then say to himself, “What the hell am I doin’?” And have the plane turned around so he can come back and complain about it from Chicago. Finally, there will be around a dozen unexplained votes for Pat Buchanan.

Author: Doug Powers

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