Apologies to Fatty

I wrote in today’s WND column:

“First off, yes, obesity kills, which is an unpleasant fact that was first discovered by Virginia Rapp at one of Fatty Arbuckle’s parties.”

A comment posted corrects me:

“Wrong. virginia rappe died from a botched abortion she got earlier that day before she went to the party there was no evidence she was raped He was set up by a woman named Maude Delmont, known as “Madame Black.” Delmont would provide girls for parties and then have the girl claim she was raped by a prominent director or producer. Concerned about his career, the victim would submit to Delmont’s request for money to keep the story out of the press.it was also largly hearst yellow tabloid journalism that got that whole thing blown out of prepotion.Fatty arbuckle was aquitted by a jury that apoligised to him for all that he had been through.”

I’ve heard that from some readers. Shoulda looked into it deeper, but the joke just sounded so damn funny I ran with it. I went off recollection… a dangerous thing! Plus, in that day and age, the fact that an abortion was performed around the same time of a celebrity party never occurred to me since the Kennedy’s weren’t in full swing yet.

Hey, I’m still more accurate than CBS.

Author: Doug Powers

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