"Shameless plug" Monday

An appeals court overturns a lower court ruling that said two McNugget shaped kids couldn’t sue McDonalds. The kids, or at least people on their “behalf”, can now go forward with the lawsuit, which accuses McDonalds of deceptive advertising which has caused the kids to have to resort to cable suspension technology to hold up their pants. Check out “Fast Food McIdiocy” over at WorldNetDaily.

Recap of the past few days:

Wednesday’s Detroit News column on how Johnny Carson retired gracefully, but other entertainers just can’t seem to do the same thing. Yep, Johnny set the gold standard for celebrity retirees.

The Caffimage column ran last Tuesday. It’s a little instruction manual for your parents with kids who try to sneak away for some alone time… with potentially embarrassing consequences. It’s “A mom and dad’s guide to uninterrupted but not necessarily dignified sex.”

Have a good week!

Author: Doug Powers

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