Snubbed is as snubbed does

Pamela P. from Louisville, Kentucky writes concerning the 1st Annual Bologna Awards:

My only addition to your awards’ list would’ve been something about the hypocritical left-wing Hollywood airheads who are among those who scream the loudest about the “intolerance” of mainstream America (i.e., those of us in “flyover” and/or “red” states), yet showed their blatant intolerance by snubbing “The Passion of the Christ” in its Oscar ceremonies.

Normally, this is the way of life in Tinseltown, but this year they also had to snub “Fahrenheit 9/11”, and it wasn’t due to intolerance, but prudence. Sure they probably wanted to give Moore’s film every award in their arsenal, but even Hollywood and their quest for ticket sales gets a twinge of “Red state phobia” once in a while.

Author: Doug Powers

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